How to play Amen Corner at Augusta National
  --by the Atari 2600 Golf Guy
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       Hole 11
White Dogwood
455 yards - Par 4

Atari 2600 Golf Guy says:

The more I play this hole, the more I think it's better to drive the ball down the right side. The fairway is flatter on the left, but that means an approach over the pond. The tee box was moved to the right in 1998 to prevent long hitters like me from using driver-wedge. Now I have to contend with the trees on the right and fade the ball off the tee.

For the approach shot, I prefer to be left of the hole for an uphill putt, but it's a risky shot. If you miss it too far left, you're in the water, looking at bogey or worse. Par is a good score here.