How to play Amen Corner at Augusta National
  --by the Atari 2600 Golf Guy
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       Hole 13
485 yards - Par 5

Atari 2600 Golf Guy says:

With a good drive it's possible to reach this par 5 in two. I aim my tee shot at the last two trees at the top of the fairway and try to draw the ball to take full advantage of the hillside that slopes right to left. The ideal place to go for the green is from the left portion of the fairway. If you come in from the right, you have a much smaller target.

The second shot is usually played with a long- or middle iron. I play for the center of the green and try to keep the ball below the hole.

13 is a classic risk-reward par 5. If you are in contention on Sunday, a 4 is mandatory.