Free One-Page Site Template

This one's for a school board candidate. Customize to your heart's content.

I put this site together for a friend running for the Edina School Board (MN). Inspiration came from a one-page Zurb Foundation 5 template created by Pixelhint. I ended up not using much of it because all the bells and whistles have been rolled very simply into the amazing Foundation 6.4. Fonts were swapped to Google's Montserrat Black and Lato, which I think is a terrific sans-sans combo if you're into that sort of thing.

My candidate did not win one of the four top spots, so rather than pitch it, it made sense to recycle and make available for download.


  • Zurb Foundation 6.4 front-end framework (Flexbox-based XY grid)
  • Custom views for small screens
  • Super-simple to customize for your candidate, business, personal page, micro-site, whatever
  • Proven high engagement (see scrollmap; white is the hottest)
  • Loads of positive voter feedback

Warnings & Caveats

  • The download comes with a PHP endorsement form. I used the simplest email form I could find on the internet, and as such has absolutely no protection from abuse. Use at your own risk. For the 3-month duration of the campaign I had no issues, but you may. What you may want to do instead is install a <section> tag with a form from a service like Anymod.
  • I do not pretend to be the most efficient CSS author. My motto: whatever works. If you have any suggested improvements (or any other feedback) please drop a note to dack@dack.com.

  See sample site

  Download .zip file

Published: December 28, 2017