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Chill out album reviews, by Freddie B.
Picking the albums, 1990-2000
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Bent - Programmed to Love    The Best of British Chill Out 2000
DJ: Dack Ragus
Perfect For: Larking, lounging, loafing
Featured Artist: Bent
Date: January 4, 2001
Length: 1:20
Average Rating: [an error occurred while processing the directive]

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Description: "The Best of British Chill Out 2000" includes a handful of tracks from Bent's superb debut album Programmed to Love (pictured to the left). There's also a gem called "I Love My Man," from the very worthwhile Coming Home compilation. (Note: Freddie B. reviews Coming Home here.)
    Scattered among the Bent are standout tracks from Blue States, Kinobe, Lemon Jelly, and a few other up-and-comers on the British Chill Out scene. Tune in, turn on, chill out.

1.   Bent       Exercise 1
2. Kinobe Slip Into Something More Comfortable
3. Lemon Jelly A Tune For Jack
4. Bent I Remember Johnny
5. Bonobo Terrapin
6. Bent Welly Top Mary
7. Blue States Your Girl
8. Kinobe Hammock Island
9. Bent Chocolate Wings
10. Blue States The Trainer Shuffle
11. Bent I Love My Man
12. Lemon Jelly The Staunton Lick
13. Bent Irritating Noises
14. Bent Cylons of Love
15. Kinobe Skyscraper
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