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XFL    Sex and Violence: An XFL Tribute
DJ: Mike Haney
Perfect For: Aggressive sexual behavior, breaking shit, watching the XFL, drinkin' Schmidt in your boxers
Date: February 1, 2001
Length: 1:05
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Description: Though I am not a die-hard football fan, I notice that the end of January always feels a little empty without the NFL. You'd think then that I'd be glad to see the coming of the XFL this weekend. But the truth is, the XFL has less in common with the NFL than it does with Survivor. It is not meant for sports fans, it is meant for all us who rely on being fed the two biggest illusions TV has to offer us: other people having sex and other people getting hurt.
     That idea is the theme around which I have assembled this rather eclectic installment of The Show. I have tried to include as many musical genres as possible, while never straying from the subjects of sex and violence, in fact many tunes address both.

1.   Fishbone       Asswhippin'
2. Wham! Bad Boys
3. Danzig I Don't Mind The Pain
4. Method Man (Chemical Brothers Remix) Bring The Pain
5. Faster Pussycat Bring The Pain
6. Tom Jones & Mouse T. (Peppermint Disco Remix) Sex Bomb
7. Color Me Badd I Wanna Sex You Up
8. Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock Joy And Pain
9. Atari Teenage Riot Sex Law Penetration
10. Green Day Blood, Sex And Booze
11. Pat Benatar Sex As A Weapon
12. The Exploited Sex And Violence
13. Stone Temple Pilots Sex And Violence
14. Spinal Tap Sex Farm
15. Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
16. Carly Simon Haven't Got Time For The Pain
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