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The Big Chill - Beach    The Big Chill
DJ: Dack Ragus
Perfect For: Summer cocktail parties, head bobbing, writing XHTML, feeling groovy
Date: March 15, 2001
Length: 1:17
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LISTEN (Windows Media, 128K)

Description: This is not your father's Big Chill.

The Big Chill is a British-based multimedia organisation devoted to spreading chill out culture — in all its incarnations — around the world. Part of that mission is to hold regular music festivals, and this show is a collection of goodies from some of their recent get-togethers. Kick back, relax, and chill. Big.

1.   Mr. Scruff       Get a Move On
2. CiM Cool Air (Headspace mix)
3. Yam Yam The Spectacle
4. Bullitnuts Heavy Air
5. Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Slinky Hula
6. Instrumental Little Fluffy Clouds
7. Exploding Thumbs Sky Holds The Sun
8. Piano Circus Mazuzu Dream
9. United Eye Big Chief
10. Runaways Do What You Wanna Do
11. Blue States Elios Therepia
12. Baaba Maal Souka Naya (Fila Brazilia remix)
13. Lambchop Zero 7 reprise remix
14. Bebel Gilberto So Nice (Summer Samba)
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