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Talbot    The Great Australian Pub Crawl
DJ: Neale Talbot
Perfect For: Drinkin' with yer mates!
Date: May 17, 2001
Length: 1:37
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Description: Drag out the XXXX, whack another prawn on the barbie, find yer Winnie Blues and turn the speakers up real loud. This music will steep yer average oztraaaalyan in enough jingoism and nostalgia to power a small RSL club for the next three years. If yer not drunk and singing with yer pants around yer ankles while being held up by yer mates in a circle by the time this set is over yer might as well move out of Oz. Bloody foreigner.

Set 1 - First Shout
1.   Apartment                      Custard was an excellent band, with such beautiful songs as "The Music Is Crap" and "Pinball Lez". I like Apartment coz it reminds me when I first moved out of home. And it's a fucking good song to start a set with. Take a drink!
2. Everyday Formula I couldn't find a copy of "I sucked a lot of cock", but there are so many good Regurgitator songs it wasn't hard to find a replacement. This is from the UNIT album, which I heartily recommend.
3. SeaChange I'm including this for the sake of Shauna Marsh. Hope you're happy, pussycat.
4. She Will Have Her Way Niel Finn, from the "Try Whistling This" Album. I put this in here as a replacement for Crowded House, who I can't think about without crying since they broke up. Niel isn't strickly and Aussie, he's really a Kiwi. But as they say, any successful Kiwi is really an Aussie at heart.
5. The Day You Come Powderfinger, from the album "Internationalist". They won so many ARIAs with that album, which I don't reakon is that good, that they can enter this list because of it. Wankers. Take another drink!
6. Ordinary Angels Frente, one of the sickly sweetest bands in Oz history first showed on "Marvin the Album". More importantly, though, is the fact you can find this track on "The Music of Melrose Place".
7. Kids I had to whack Kylie Minogue in here, Oz icon that she is. She and I share one thing in common - we never read anything we didn't write ourselves! Take another drink!
8. Home and Away Frenzel Rhomb. My wife knew the bassist, and a friend at school's sister was dating the lead singer. Plus it's a cover of the theme to Home And Away... what more could you want?
9. Breakaway Falling Joys. Another band my wife knew members of. They really shouldn't of broken up. This song is fantastic.
Set 2 - Angry Young Mate
10. You Sound Like Louis Burdett The Whitlams named themselves after Gough Whitlam. It's be like a US band calling themselves The Reagans. Or has that been done? Take another drink!
11. Greg! The Stop Sign!! By now you should be getting pretty drunk, and TISM is the best way to help that along. No-one knows who the band members of TISM are because they always wear balaclavas to their gigs. Rumour has it one of them is a Wiggle.
12. You Shit Me To Tears The Tennants were found in by JJJ. I like them. Take another drink!
13. Have You Seen My (Bunghole)? Menteke This is the band of my Sister-In-Law's boyfriend. I'm so ashamed.
14. Thirsty Dog Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at their best. Forget Red Right Hand, this is where the action is. From the album, "Let Love In", well worth a purchase.
15. Hot Water & Milk Spiderbait once did a cover of The Goodies "Run". I couldn't find that, but this will do. Man these guys are good. Take another drink!
16. Impressed Natalie Imbruglleer... Imbruggliaa... ah, fuck it. I like this song coz it's so snarky.
17. Mascara Killing Heidi is another overrated band with its moments. They made a killing at the ARIAs too. I don't seem to like any band that wins ARIAs.
18. Black Stick Cruel Sea at it's very, very best. You'll also find this song on the "Empire Records" soundtrack. That was an... interesting... movie experience. Take another drink, you'll need it for the last set.
Set 3 - Nostalgic Drunks
19. Helping Hand The Screaming Jets are thinking about calling it quits. I say, NEVER! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER! Or so their lyrics go. Take another drink!
20. Great Southern Land Reving up the nostalgia run. Note lack of Cold Chisel in this playlist. God I hate Jimmy Barnes. Take another drink!
21. Run to Paradise I'm pretty sure the Choirboys are Australian, but by this time in the set you should be too drunk to care. Besides it's only fuelling the runup to the final crawl.
22. Holy Grail Sweet Hunters & Collectors. I threw this in here coz I could. Ah HA! Take another drink!
23. What's My Scene? The Hoodoo Gurus rule. One of the best Oz bands out there. This song reminds me of high school, when I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I still don't. Take another drink!
24. Dumb Things Paul Kelly and the Messengers were great. Note the wonderful Aussie sense of humour in this song. Love it. Take another drink!
25. Boys Light Up Australian Crawl, one of the ultimate Aussie bands. Take another drink! And take another drink! And another!
26. Forgotten Years Midnight Oil, from the album "Blue Sky Mining". You're not an Aussie family unless there's a copy of this lying around the house.
27. Land Downunder Probably the only song anyone from the US will recognise. Sing along! Take another drink! I come from the land downunder! Where women throw and men chunder! Can you hear can you hear that thunder! You better run, you better take cover!
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