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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Curtis Strange


Curtis, move to the head of the class. You suck.
Badly in need of a remedial grammar course (or ESL?) and kind of congenitally grouchy. Makes me glad God invented the mute button.
Only merit: continuously takes the piss out of 'wordsmith' Steve Melnyk, who make suck worse.

Posted by DBH on 05/08/01

sure, curtis is pretty bad. but seriously: ian baker finch? how bad?
Posted by ralph on 05/08/01

Sheesh, poor ol' Curtis is right up there with Godfather III in terms of non-popularity in the Suck Parade.
How about his role as Ryder Cup captain? Will he suck? He's wound pretty tight. Will his inherent tension be a help or hindrance? Does he really want to usher in a new era of sportsmanship for the competition or will he start poisoning the Euro's drinking water if he's behind going into Sunday's matches?

Posted by 3.off.the.tee on 05/10/01

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