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"No thanks Mr. Tito, we don't want your $20,000,000 dollars. We'd rather confiscate from the taxpayers."

Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/08/01

Crap. I wish I could edit out the $/dollars redundancy.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/08/01

Yeah they suck !!
They used to have the coolest logo
(http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/insignia/insignia.html)- Disco baby - and now they are using that shity retro looking one.

Posted by Greq on 05/08/01

I'd much rather see my tax money go to NASA than "The War on Drugs." Brotha, please! (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/drugs/charts/)
Posted by Dan on 05/08/01

fuck tito. I can think of 20,000,000 better ways to spend 20,000,000 dollars than to send some fucking self-indulgent fuck on a space cruise.
Posted by deez on 05/08/01

deez, it's his cash and he can spend it however he wants. This isn't Russia.
Posted by dack on 05/08/01

Yeah, I'm not arguing his right to spend his money how he sees fit, I'm just saying he has to be some kind of egotistical cocksucker to spend that much on such a thing. So i still say fuck him and his fifteen minutes.
Posted by deez on 05/08/01

Egotistical cocksuckers that spend too much on luxuries make it possible for peons like you and me to enjoy them later on. If it wasn't for the snobs that bought CD players back when they sold for at least $800, the technology would never have gone anywhere and you'd still be listening to those shitty cassettes.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/09/01

cassettes own
Posted by pup on 05/09/01

we're talking about 200,000,000 here, not 800. I could do very little constructively with 800. I could build a youth space center or a fucking youth space city for that matter with 200,000,000. I think what tito did was the most disgusting display of self-indulgence since .... i dont know. i think he sucks.
Posted by deez on 05/09/01

The whole thing is such a waste of money. Who gives a shit aliens exist?
Posted by Matt on 05/09/01

Hmmm...it seems the reported price for a ride into space has jumped up from $20,000,000 to $200,000,000.

Maybe deez works for the federal govenment? Who else could increase a price by tenfold so quickly?!?!

Posted by Extra Zero? on 05/09/01

At first I was a bit bothered about the whole Tito thing. Then I found out that his $20 million will make up ONE FIFTH of Russia's entire budget for the year, and pay for the NEXT soyuz mission as well as his one.
NASA: goes 1.5 BILLION dollars overbudget in ONE YEAR. That's our tax dollars, people. They've gone so far over budget that entire chunks of the station are going to be scrapped. (One may be replaced by the Italians). The Pluto probe has been canned. We won't be able to see Plutos atmosphere for another 150 years. Nice job guys. Dan Goldin bitches and moans about the Russians not doing their "Fair Share" of the station construction.
To summarize:
Nasa budget: $10 billion p.a. (roughly, and it's still not enough!)
Russian budget: $120 million p.a.

Note to Nasa: GET A GRIP...If you were as screwed up as the Russians, you'd be selling shuttle seats for the next "reality" TV show....

Posted by J Stalin on 05/10/01

Joseph Stalin forgot to convert the mighty US dollar to the weak ass Russian ruble. It takes roughly 29 Rubles to equal 1 US dollar. That's 3.5 billion rubles they spent. Wait, if I were deez, that would be 35 billion. Ahh...what the Christ.
Posted by deez nuts on 05/10/01

200, 20, doesn't matter. still a cock.
Posted by deez on 05/11/01

Deez nuts?
Posted by PD on 05/11/01

deez is just jealous that he doesn't have an extra $20,000,000 to do whatever the hell he wants with...
Posted by no deez fan on 05/12/01

american govt at its best. the moon landing never happened, one more useless and soon to be embarassing cold war fiasco, like the bay of pigs, except in space.
NASA, a beautiful idea shot to hell

Posted by boone on 05/14/01

silly people... there are no aliens. it's all a bunch of demons pretending to be aliens. so when we meet an alien we will belive he is an all powerfull being, when in all actuality he is the antichrist. mwahahaha!
Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

Umm... i don't know if it occured to you guys - but this planet is about to say good-bye to the universe and the solar-system... Human Life on earth are eating up the planet in an INCREASING speed.
We have little time before this little swamp blows up to smithereens or simply dies out.

Our place belongs in Space. We should make the edge of matter - our final frontier,
And the Center of the "World" (the abstract ball cotaining all galaxies) - our HQ.

The human race is only what it is because of research, exporation, and curiousity.

With out it, you'd be talking about the last "big white light from the sky that makes fire when hits trees" with a vocabulary of 3 words with 1 syllable each.

We shall leave earth to puny humans like you - whose whole world focuses around their misreable existence.

Long Live the Human Federacy of The Milky Way - and the Superphotic tecnology.

Nasa's work is very important and it is our chance for conquering the universe - and living without boundaries in the endless space.

To discover, to explore, to know.

Embrace Truth, Destroy Religion
Bless the K.
(and the U.S)

Posted by Klayhamn on 06/10/01

I just read that the Russians are dragging their shuttle out of mothballs. They plan to fund it by selling more seats to rich folk like Tito. Rock on! They also plan to modify their orbiter to carry 200-ton payloads. NASA better quit crashing Mars landers and get with the program...
Posted by Canyonero on 06/29/01

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