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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Especially the smelly pahjouli oil ones.
Posted by Rich S. on 05/07/01

And the ones that live off trust funds
Posted by Lissy on 05/07/01

The ones who insist on sitting at gigs.
Posted by NoJags Neil on 05/08/01

Don't forget the 'Buddhists'.
Posted by Nath on 05/08/01

Oh yeah, and the ones who think they can dance when the get reaaaaaaly baked.
Posted by Rich S. on 05/08/01

Die hippie, DIE!
Posted by Bill on 05/08/01

Hippies want to burn down America, are we gonna let them!?!?
Remember - when you drive alone, you drive with Hitler, join a car-pool today!

Posted by bigfatolive on 05/08/01

Posted by El Martillo on 05/08/01

Ugh... Patchouli! I'd say anything RETRO sucks. Get creative, people. It's a new millenium, leave the old one behind. Get a new style already.
Posted by Spanky on 05/09/01

i feel sorry for hippies, especially young ones, what are they thinking?
Posted by brian on 05/09/01

Hippies that drive their mommies SUV....I cannot even comprehend all of the levels of contridiction..
Posted by Comidoki on 05/09/01

they smell!!
Posted by droopy on 05/09/01

How do you hide $20 from a hippie?

Put it underneath the soap.

Posted by poopdog on 05/09/01

I don't wanna be a granola head!
Posted by chunkbot on 05/09/01

I like the ones in the volkswagon vans smothered in peace stickers who give you the finger when you cut in front of them. Peace! But stay the hell out of my lane!
Posted by sboisvert on 05/09/01

We banned hippies in Canada. They were scaring away all the tourists.
Posted by wright on 05/10/01

but tie dye is ok right?
Posted by dogger on 05/10/01

I was not speeding; there may be drugs in the car, but I was not speeding.
Posted by maria on 05/10/01

i like patchouli, and wonder where all this creativity and individuality is? railing against the hippies, silly as they may have been, seems odd to me. Who else can you point to who made any headway in breaking out of the sick culture that owns you all? or even tried?
Posted by boone on 05/14/01

Precisely what did the hippy movement of the 60s (or its bedraggled followers now) achieve, boone? From what I can see, the only lasting 'breaking out' was achieved by black, female, and homosexual militants and not the pot-smokin', acid-droppin', protest-marchin' white middle-classes who by and large returned to their conservative roots once good jobs and top dollars became less unfashionable. Sure, there were and are honourable exceptions - there are always some people of principle behind mass movements - but overall hippies moaned alot and changed nothing. Even the much-vaunted sexual revolution owed more to the invention of pill (and, thus, 'capitalist' science) rather than to creepy 'free love' practioners. Likewise the environmentalist movement, which has always been driven by conscientious scientists who actually work for a living. Still, thank the hippy for patronisation of 'Eastern' religions, the pioneering of the ravenous tourist industry, and (let's face it) some totally shit music.
Posted by Urban Commando on 05/14/01

ok, good point about black, female, and gay. They did make changes, but I guess i was looking at it like they were aiming for acceptance/status whatever in this american culture we have now. The hippies, what with the anti-consumerism, living in communes, etc. were actually looking to experiment with some other shapes to put culture in. And if you look globally and historically, some were modelling off of much more sustainable cultures. Ever read Beyond the Limits? Harvard Phd in biophysics, MIT phd in systems managment and a norwegian guy talk about whats getting used up, how much of the earths forest is gone, and our population continuing to increase at an increasing rate. Capitalism sure has brought a lot of happiness to everyone, but it looks like this shit is all about to crash. But nobody seems to want to look at that. Look at what the 'capitalist'? science has to say about where we're headed, and then tell me you dont have an urge to do a little protest marching. You dont have to listen to the crappy music, or even wear tie die if you dont want to.
Posted by boone on 05/15/01

There was some shit music, but a lot of innovations in music production were discovered while the studio engineers were trippin their heads off.
Posted by Eardrum on 05/21/01

Don't even get me started on hacky sack and kava kava. Ugh.
Posted by Jelsol on 06/08/01

boone and urbane commando
If we're using hippies as a metaphor for the 60's, there just hasn't been any other socio-cultural 'movement' that has slowed the gigantic capitalist juggernaut for even a second except those long haired idealists. It didn't do much, but it tried and if the Eagles had just broken up earlier we'd be living in a much nicer world today.
p.s. there really weren't any hippies.

Posted by Zylin on 06/15/01

what about the people in seattle? the new movement is happening. The Europeans dont have to eat frankenfood if they dont like it do to some effective activism, as opposed to in the 'land of the free' where we, as citizens, must provide scientific evidence that it does harm before we are even able to demand that it be labeled. How much do you enjoy being a lab rat? I dont favor it much. Join the current protesting. Even the miserable excuse we have for media often reports protesters numbering in the tens of thousands at these global summits, free trade love fests, etc. There is a viable new protest movement, which i am convinced will go a great deal further, building on progress made in the past.
Posted by boone on 06/17/01

I especially like the hippies that wear 42 layers of makeup and glitter. They smell but sooooo pretty. (not so much.)

Oh and shave your fucking armpits for the love of god!!!

Posted by amy on 10/10/01

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