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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Mac OSX only sucks on the Macs with the translucent red cases. The translucent purple cases are cool.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/07/01

I have tried to support Apple through thick and thin. This is going to far. I am supposed to "upgrade" to a system that is guaranteed not to work with ALL of the software on my blue and white G3 unless I run it in "classic" mode? Didn't Coke already try something like this?
Posted by Lycaon on 05/07/01

Hey, screw all you Mac OSX haters. It's the closest thing to Linux they've produced yet.

(That's a good thing, right?)

Posted by VenturiEffect on 05/08/01

And once again, Micro$oft copies. Hello XP.
Posted by Banning on 05/08/01

Apple's OSX rocks...Why did it make the suck list?
Posted by Emperor on 05/09/01

Yep, OS X rocks, it's the lame ass Aqua interface that bytes... waaaaaaay too much useless eye candy slowing the whole thing down.
Posted by VideoBored on 05/09/01

They should've left NeXTStep as is.
Posted by brian on 05/10/01

os x rules, but it's not good enough yet...
Posted by mrrz on 05/19/01

How about Lotus Notes, why is't it on the list?
Posted by Vitali on 06/28/01

The user interface rocks, but they need to bring out some decent software in a serious hurry
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

MAC sucks
Posted by JDW on 08/06/01

It's kind of like unix but with all the names changed. I guess that's what took five years.
Posted by Joshua Geller on 09/17/01

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