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Real Networks and every piece of software they've ever created.


and on the 8th day the Devil created 'Start Center'. Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!
Posted by Rich L on 05/08/01

The only software I have that locks up my Windows 2000 machine completely when it is launched. Plus, the video quality is terrible, IMO, and yes, I have a broadband connection.
Posted by gtrietsc on 05/08/01

Who uses this software? Why is it that when there are so many excellent quality alternatives that don't suck - people insist on putting Real content on their sites? The video looks like your watching it through a dirty bathtub, the music sounds like an old AM radio at the bottom of said tub and don't even get me started on the relentless 'buy me' nagging and commercial intrusion.

Real Audio, Real Video, Real Irritating, Real Obsolete, Real Crap!

Posted by 9to5 on 05/08/01

And further, while Real Networks draws up contracts with more and more sites, my ability to listen to a good stream continues to dwindle. MLB.com now wants to charge for their RealCrappy Streams of live games. I'm praying for Ogg Vorbis, myself.
Posted by CashNexus on 05/08/01

I wonder if the major sites realize how many people pass on their streaming video/audio options because they only provide real media.

I would be one.

Posted by StephenBoisvert on 05/09/01

I've had to reinstall windows every 3 months because of erratic crashes. This time I swore off Real software, and presto....8 months in and all's well (so far).
They're nothing but a bunch of spyware-peddling pantywaisted lickspittle crypto-fascists. I want to see them on fuckedcompany.com, and SOON! I skip any streaming media site that uses their God-awful software.
Here's hoping they burn in Crappy Software Hell for all time.
BURN! BURN! BURN! You sorry useless sacks of SH*T!

Posted by D on 05/10/01

In what version 8 now.. and it still sucks? Maybe if the programmers spent less time figuring out ways to piss you off with pop-ups, messing with your system configuration, and hiding menu options that turn off the friggin start center in my system tray.. ughh...

What would I do without Quicktime!

Posted by QualityMan on 05/10/01

I agree with D. I think Microsoft should sic their lawyers on Real for giving M$ OSes an even greater penchant for crashing. I was also bummed when MLB chose Real. I would have ordered it, too except that I couldn't get the connection to last for a whole game. Thanks for choosing the worst possible product, MLB. I'll just use my trusty AM radio, thanks.
Posted by tholt on 05/12/01


"RealArcade also organizes all the games installed on a PC in one listing on the computer's hard drive, so users don't have to dig through different menus or folders to find a game they want to play, Anthony Leamer, RealArcade product manager, said in an interview."

Posted by Bacon on 05/14/01

what 9to5 said!!
Posted by kit carter on 06/05/01

I am so sick of Real Player that I actually refuse to play a file that proudly bears the blue logo. Four out of five launches using Windows 2000 and it's total lock-up--nothing works. I've lost enough hair trying to play files, and ditto to what everyone else has said. I mean it is rare when a piece of software has no redeeming qualities. Nuff said.
Posted by MRF on 07/14/01

Realplayer 8 really sux bigtime, win2000 never locks up but realplayer manages it everytime, i'm deinstalling it, i'll have to use 98 if i want o watch a real-movie 'cause most of the time there ain't no choice. Go for quicktime anytime indeed, er even win media player.
Posted by Marc on 07/23/01

There's nothing Real about this software, it's full of Spyware and is Real annoying! They should use Real programmers in a Real environment to create a Real product.
Posted by Clever Postingname on 08/03/01

Real Player is the biggest piece of steaming crap I've ever had to have on my computer. I hate it, yet I am forced to use the garbage because the content is so prevalent.
But here's the good news:
It doesn't run any better on XP either.
The biggest annoyance is that even after you remove the god-awful "Start-Center" from startup under the system configuration it will, as if by *magic*, reappear after playing anything Real realated.
If there is any codec or anything that will allow you to use media player to play realmedia files, someone please alert me to it.

Posted by JDW on 08/06/01

It's time developers took decisive action against Real Network's unstable, unnecessary garbage. Between Quicktime and Windows Media Player we had our media options more than covered before this predatory company injected their intrusive software. Real Networks exists only as a product of user ignorance. I propose every developer place an anti-Real Networks Logo on their site which sends users to a common media educational site.
Posted by Kyle on 09/18/01

Hey everyone, don't get all mad at Real Player for being so shitty as it is. Do what I did--GET EVEN!!! First off, I found this nice and nifty little plugin for Winamp that enables it to play Real files. If anyone is interested in it, go to http://wwwpop.hypermart.net/plugin/download.html to download it. Then, make Winamp the default player for all Real media types.
I am not done yet! I have found some ways to convert Real media to better standard formats. For Real Video, I have found a neat little program that directly converts Real Video files to .avi. It is called TINRA(This Is Not Real Anymore). It can be found on this site-- http://guiguy.wminds.com/downloads/tinragui/down.html. The only problem with that is that the output .avi file has the audio and the video portions out of sync. That can many times be fixed, though, using VirtualDub. Another way to convert Real video to .avi is to use Camtasia. Camtasia can be found at http://www.techsmith.com. The only thing I don't like about that program is that the only way you can record the audio portion of the Real video file is to use a microphone. That can be bypassed, though, by just simply running a jack wire between the speaker jack and the microphone jack. The sound still isn't the best but it is better than sticking the microphone up to the speaker. A better way to bypass the microphone altogether is to use the Sound Blaster Live video card if you have one or can fork over $150 for one. The Sound Blaster Live video card places an input into the Recording section of the Windows Volume Control called "What You Hear" that maps the audio internally in the sound card to the microphone. This allows direct recording of audio generated by applications simply by enabling audio recording in Snagit or Camtasia. Check your sound card. Some sound cards may also have a mixer control that allows you to map the audio to the microphone input. Now with the Real Audio. The two ways I have found that make it possible to convert Real Audio to .mp3 or .wav are Streambox Ripper(versions 2.009 or older) or Jet-Audio Extension. Both of them work real well, in my opinion.
With all of those tools to avert the crappiness of Real Player, my Real Player is tucked away nice and snug into my Program Files folder, only to be used once in a blue moon to adjust some settings. Please email me any other ways that someone can successfully put Real Player in its place. Have fun!

Posted by Lester E. Rees on 10/03/01

Since I don't like Real Player, I really don't feel that it is worth paying for to get the full version. There are many cracks, patches, keygens, serial #s, etc. which enable you to get the full version of Real Player, Real Jukebox, etc. that are available at http://astalavista.box.sk. Check it out.
Posted by Lester E. Rees on 10/03/01

So I thought i was the only one who really hated real player!

I totally agree with all the comments about how crappy the software is. Like you all have said, the software is crap and the quality of the video / audio streams are even worse.

Posted by Memememem on 02/28/02

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