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The thought of Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform


two words: NO WAY.
Posted by melissa on 05/08/01

wait a minute... what's going on!??? what in the world is michael doing!!!
Posted by david on 05/08/01

How about the thought of Charles Barkley in a Wizards uniform?
Posted by sc on 05/08/01

As long as he doesn't wear a baseball uniform again, he can't get any lower than he already has, unless some NBA players can find a way to make curveball passes.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/09/01

Do people actually still watch and / or care about the NBA? The NBA will continue to suck and suffer until / unless it develops players who actually know how to shoot (shots that go in, I mean).
Posted by Herschel on 05/16/01

michael needs to recoup some of the money he undoubtedly has lost in that brilliant venture known as MVP.COM.

should we really care, though? football is much more fun to watch.

Posted by I. P. Freely on 05/17/01

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