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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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I actually start my day with dack, which makes this more of a suck up than 'you suck'.
So let's see...well, all that XFL jazzola he had over the past few months got a little tired.

Posted by DBH on 05/08/01

Dack is so fucking moronic, what with XFL, 5K props, ad naseum flash bashing, never-ending mulletizing, etc, I'm left with no choice but to log in each and everyday just to affirm that there is in fact a whole community of wads out 'there' in far worse condition than I.


Posted by Skippy on 05/08/01

"never-ending mulletizing" -- classic
Posted by flimjam on 05/09/01

Dack bashing sucks especially if you come here every single f'n day. Skippy is definitely on the suck list.
Posted by BlackUrchin on 05/09/01

Some retard that acts like he has no choice in coming to a website....Your obviously some poor pathetic person who needs some attention - well here it is! Enjoy!
Posted by Comidoki on 05/09/01

Nah, Skippy doesn't suck. People who can't recognize sarcasm suck.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/11/01

Sometime sarcasm just isn't that fun....
Posted by Bob on 05/11/01

People who can't recognize sarcasm and who can't remember the difference between "your" and "you're" suck.
Posted by Your a bad spellor on 05/11/01

sarcasm should be on the suck list.

for all the morons about to comment on it not being sucky, no need, i was being sarcastic.

ohh, and what's the deal with the 'Your a bad spellor' talking crap about spelling. wait a sec, sarcasm, ain't it great!

Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

dack is dead. long live dack
Posted by dogger on 05/22/01

hear, hear!
Posted by janet on 05/29/01

P.S. Dack looks more like Hugh Grant than any human being I've ever met... which means (automatically) that he does not suck. Clever websites are just a bonus.
Posted by janet on 05/29/01

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