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Aspirin Bottle Cotton - Is that even cotton?


You're just jealous that you didn't think of it. If it wasn't for the cotton, all of the tablets would be smashed and I'll bet that would piss you off more.
Posted by A Fan of the Cotton on 05/08/01

i hate that cotton. touching it sends shivers through my spin. and boy i hate that!!! die cotton die!
Posted by Seg on 05/09/01

Has anyone clued in yet that the cotton can actually be taken OUT after purchase? There are people who leave that shit in until the bottle's empty. Talk about conditioning...
Posted by It's not difficult on 05/09/01

I understand that the cotton can be taken out, but that involves gloves or needle nose pliers - I can't touch that stuff. Advil, if you're listening, give me the option of cotton or no cotton aspirin bottles.
Posted by Mr. Sugar, Esq. on 05/09/01

No shit. That cotton is a pain in the ass I don't need. So here's a thought - If they want to keep the pills from banging around in there, why don't they just fill the bottle up to the top?

That's another thing that sucks: A huge bag of doritos, half filled with air because "Container filled by weight, not by volume."

Posted by rbf on 05/09/01

the cotton sucks. its them damn corporations trying to jip us of our rights. and little miss 'its not difficult' can kiss my ass.
Posted by loogie on 06/13/01

I wonder if that yucky cotton has inspired people who have Flash on their websites...it's just so....go away !!!
Posted by Mahr-Hansi on 06/21/01

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