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Best Buy - from the pre-pubescent sales staff to that goddamn yellow pricetag creature of a mascot.


I've always hated how 'big' best buy stores are - from the outside, that hugely overscaled yellow signs and the gaping space between the merchandise inside and the tall, tall ceiling. And the shitty lowest-common-denominator merchandise they try to sell off their end-caps as though people actually -want- the stuff...
Posted by Gino on 05/09/01

Aww, don't slag Best Buy. If it wasn't for them, a nation of useless teenage stoners would be out of work.
Posted by Jennifer Gavin on 05/09/01

Why I hate Besy Buy!

Posted by Mike on 05/09/01

once i saw a best buy sign from a plane.
Posted by april on 05/09/01

Well, at least it's not CompUSA.
Posted by Bacon on 05/09/01

I work at bst by, and it is gud to wrk here. Managres are very helpfufl tnd they pay me mondey to do things like slll computrs to folks.
When pople leav store, i aks if thy wnt to sign up for MSN fre for a mnth, and they laff at mee nad say "Like no way dud, tht suxs."

Posted by Bst Buy emplyee on 05/10/01

Support stores with salesmen that really care.

Support stores that pay commission!

Support stores that don't kill you with poor return policies and restock fees!


Posted by Brian Sullivan on 05/12/01

best buy does suck, but as far as the commission part and salesmen that care---- commissioned salesmen dont always care because everybody always wants a deal bye bye commission. 2nd of all everything made today is so cheap that there is no margin for the salesmen to make much money anymore especially after they have been grinded by nearly every customer looking to save money at someone elses expense. so here mr customer let me pay u out of my own pocket to shop here. thanx
Posted by mike d on 05/18/01

Nobody at best buy knows shit. Teenage morons and mediocre service. Thanks but no thanks.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

Get real. If Best Buy sucked, they wouldn't be in business. As for the "poor" people in sales that get paid on commission . . . take a hint from the free market get some other skills. Don't bitch . . . you are in control of your own life.

It IS the information age, most people don't need and/or want to pay for "smart" sales folks. Hence the reason Best Buy doesn't flip the coin for "smart" folks. Seems to work VERY well for them.

Posted by Free market on 09/26/01

i worked at bb#420 for 1 1/2 years.then employee who was friend and co-worker decided that the cracker sup.(werehouse talk from him) should be turned in for racial commett. however, the black employees often refered themself as coons or ni##!'s. i was termed.
tell me what justice? no lawyer would even listen.

Posted by djphunky on 10/17/01

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