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X10 Pop-up ads everywhere


Forget pop-ups, now there are pop-unders! I was just emailed this -

"Everyone.net would like to invite you to participate in our enhanced Plug-in-AdSales service that will allow you to increase your CPMs. We are now offering pop-unders (interstitials), a new ad product that leaves the advertisement behind the browser window.

The ad appears behind your Web site, which means your visitors will not be distracted while they are at your site. They will only see the ad once they have finished visiting your site, closed the browser window, and are ready to move on.

Advertisers pay higher effective CPMs for pop-unders because their click-through rates are higher than banners. If you prefer, Everyone.net also offers pop-ups (superstitials), ads that appear in front of the browser window-it's your choice!

Everyone.net will sell and serve the ads for you, and pay you 50% of the net revenues. What's more, you can control the frequency and time interval of the ads, as well as set the maximum number of ads each visitor will see. This service will help you cover your hosting and operating costs.

Try our new ad products and start earning extra revenue right away! Simply log in to your Control Center account and click on "Plug-in-AdSales" to set up the service. If you have any questions, contact us at adsales@everyone.net."


Posted by flowerdale on 05/09/01

One more reason the Opera browser rules: Those goddamn X10 ads and other interstitials open in a new window *behind* the window you're looking at. So it's a snap to close that shit w/out ever having to look at it.
Posted by ian on 05/09/01

Hey Ian...

"The ad appears behind your Web site, which means your visitors will not be distracted while they are at your site."

So what was that about Opera again?

Posted by Pablo on 05/11/01

Oh yeah I hate those damn things. So when they say "The ad appears behind your Web site," does it mean behind the browsre window?
Posted by joey on 05/31/01

get a popup killer or a decent firewall that does the same pussy
Posted by hairycow on 07/11/01

Hate the x10 pop up ads, email the ceo and tell him, his mail is AlexPeder@x10.com. Fuck the x10
Posted by freddie57 on 07/18/01

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