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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Rednecks who ran out to put "Rest in Peace" under the already existing #3 sticker on their rusty ass pickups


Can you repeat the question?
Posted by sd on 05/09/01

Wah y'all makin' fun uh us fer respectin' duh mem'ry uh good ol' Dale?


Posted by Cletus on 05/09/01

I don't even know what this means...
Posted by Stop Making Sense! on 05/09/01

Legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt drove the #3 car. And he died.
Posted by dack on 05/09/01

Informal survey for all rednecks out there: Which is cooler to have, a Calvin pissing on a Chevy logo or the bumper sticker "I'd rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy"?
Posted by New_comment_man on 05/10/01

From what I can tell, Calvin peeing on anything or the number of your favorite nascar driver are the two best ways to go. But I am not a redneck so I really can't say for sure.
Posted by ro50 on 05/10/01

redneck haiku(hope the formatworks)

Dang, in that tubetop
You make me almost forget
that you're my cousin

Posted by maria on 05/11/01

more redneck haiku

In Wal-Mart aisle
Wailing boy wants wrasslin' doll
Mama whups his butt

Posted by maria on 05/11/01


In early morn mist
Ma searches Circle K for
Moon Pies and Red Man

Posted by maria on 05/11/01


Tonight we hunger
Grandma sent grocery money
To Jimmy Swaggart

Posted by maria on 05/11/01


Sixty-five dollars
and cyclone fence keep me from
My El Camino

Posted by maria on 05/11/01


Seeking solitude
Carl's ex-wife Tammy files for
Restraining order

Posted by maria on 05/11/01

I'll try one...

i am from Texas
now i live in Hawaii
no sign of nascar

...and another...

syllabulls are dumb
skool aint for country folk but
how do you know me?

Posted by Colin on 05/11/01

Right after ole' Dale's untimely demise, my colleague and I noticed
a well-placed Dale E. Coke machine at Chicago's McCormick Place convention center.
Just to be snarky, we put pennies over the eyes and genuflected as we put plastic flowers where the change comes out.
Looks from others = priceless.

Posted by Mrs. O on 05/11/01

cunfedurat flag
snug around yer purdy mouth
don't yew tell mamma

Posted by bucky on 05/11/01

Hard-earned Marlboro
Proofs-of-purchase, neatly stacked.
Drawls Clint, "Ante up!"

Posted by bubba on 05/11/01

Visible gun rack
Calvin pissing on a logo
Gawrsh I love mah truck

Posted by Dave on 05/11/01

"Back Off" mud flaps: $40.00
Six pack of Old Milwaukee: $2.25
Confederate flag bumper sticker: $2.00
Shooting rats at the city dump with your pals: priceless

For everything else, there's Mastercard

Posted by Scott on 05/11/01

Smack it with my boot
My boy's bank had a dollar
I now have Bomb-Pop

Fever whups up 'em
Hormones that make me forget
Who my sister is

Posted by JimBob on 05/12/01

in the pale moonlight
perfect time fer lovin' ewe
sheep fornicatin'

Posted by Skeeter on 05/12/01

sleepin' in my truck
yesterday's big tornader
made my home mo-bile

Posted by Skeeter on 05/12/01

Lawn chairs n'front K-Mart
Watchin' cars tear up da road
'S'a Redneck Frahday

Posted by Schwab on 05/14/01

I am a red neck hippie. Dale was a good race car driver, but thats all he was.
Posted by Red Neck Hippie on 05/14/01

Deer wander in yard
Sun heats up the doublewide
Get the shotgun, Ma

Posted by Fran on 05/14/01

Shouldn't it be Rust in Peace? I thought it was funny.
Posted by JJ on 05/15/01

My airbrushed t-shirt
Matches my woman's, says we're
"Prisoners of Luv"

Posted by McConda on 05/15/01

Giant spool table
Right there in the dining room
No placemats needed

Posted by Antawn on 05/16/01

the calvin pissing on the chevy logo definitely got played out when the goddamn rice burners with the fart pipes started putting it on their windows.

and i'd rather push my ford than drive any of those pieces of crap.

Posted by munk e. butt on 05/16/01

Over at the SuperK
Pork rinds come in family size
Tonights side dish

Posted by JPC on 05/16/01

I'm gonna start selling a Calvin pissing on a Calvin.
Posted by Herschel on 05/16/01

Blue F250
More horsepower for me
I sure do miss Dale...

(new truck, I have bragging rights)

I love my hubby
My anniversary fell
On the day Dale died

(Isn't that SAD!? We're out for our anniversary, get home late that night, get the tape out of the VCR & start watching it... I suppose it's better we didn't stay home and watch the race before we went out, no one wants to go to dinner with mascara runnin' down her face.)

Posted by RedneckWoman on 06/01/01

skid marks on the pavement
possum runs away
no dinner tonight

Posted by snake961 on 06/03/01

spandex shorts crawl up
ain't you glad she's not yer mom?
else you couldn't fuck

Posted by shaun on 06/06/01

Boots on the table--
Were you born in a barn?
What's a house 'cept a barn for humans?

Posted by TexZen on 06/23/01


millions of tars line
interstate highway
paint them white

Posted by fulmn8 on 06/27/01

Putting a Rest in Peace sticker on their trucks is better than what someone here did. She got his face tattooed on her leg with "in loving memory" under it. They had a picture of it in the paper...stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Posted by Me on 06/29/01

You gotta realize the fact that earnhardt was like a demi-god to some of these redneck losers. It is sad that he died, but I think there would be less fanfare if the pope kicked the bucket.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

rednecks rull 100% so dont be makin fun of rednecks
Posted by mike on 07/30/01

Garsh, what team does this Pope feller race fer? Mabe I'll get wunna his stickers, two
Posted by mojo on 08/02/01

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