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National Association of Scary Coors Addled Rednecks
Posted by Jennifer Gavin on 05/09/01

A useless waste of time. A sport? I think not!
Posted by Randy on 05/09/01

Hmmm. It's Sunday afternoon, and I have nothing to do.

What's that you say? I can sit outside in the blazing sun and watch rednecks turn left for hours and hours on end??? Where do I sign?!?

It's sick that NASCAR is the fastest-growing "sport" in America. We're in biiiiiiiiiiig trouble.

Posted by ian on 05/09/01

boo hoo, #3 wrecked and now all the rednecks need to wear black for the next year.

What's the next fastest growing "sport" going to be, banjo pickin' or watching "Who wants to marry your cousin?"

Posted by riderx on 05/10/01

Oh come on, let's refrain from the ultra-tired cliches everyone spouts when talking NASCAR. Despite what you might think, they don't play "Dueling Banjos" on speedway P.A. systems at intermission...And NASCAR is as much a sport as Grand Prix, bike racing and golf. Besides, fast cars=forever cool.
Posted by johnnystack on 05/14/01

The action in this "sport" is so slow it makes baseball look like a first-person shooter. NASCAR sells beer and smokes better than any other "sport" and that it the key to its popularity. It's popular because the beer and smokes companies can sell it to their prime demographic. Tons of money for promotion equals tons of eyeballs on sets and butts in seats. As for the action, it just doesn't compare to motorcycle or rally racing. It's just slow-moving billboards posing as cars for 3 hours plus qualifing specials. Barf.
Posted by tholt on 05/14/01

Since when are billboards moving at 180+ mph "slow"? And when did advertising and demographics or "action" determine what is or isn't a "sport"?? I'm referring to strategy, endurance, training, experience... You know, the benchmarks of "sport.".... Sorry you're missing the point.
Posted by johnnystack on 05/15/01

sport (spôrt, sprt)

An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.

I think banjo picking requires more physical exertion and possibly more skill. Turkey calling makes a close second.

Posted by hill billy on 05/15/01

I will admit that the day of the portly good-old-boy NASCAR racer is long gone. These guys are in tip-top shape and have to be to endure the pounding they get from their cars. I'm not calling 180 MPH slow, either. I'm calling the movement of the cars slow in relation to the other cars. They're ALL doing 180.020 MPH. The only way to pass is to late-brake, force someone off the line, or draft. BORING!!! Worse, NASCAR, with it's restrictor plates, are trying to keep the racing "action" like this. The more cars bunched together on the lead lap, the more billboards displayed to the TV viewer at home. It's all too bought and paid for by the sponsors. What are they calling the series these days?
Posted by tholt on 05/16/01

hill billy: nice to see you can use a dictionary. too bad you can't comprehend said definition....
tholt: right, I see your point about speed more clearly now. And in my opinion, nascar is pretty boring, as you state (except when there's a wreck...oops, sorry), but that wasn't the point of my earlier post/response. As for restrictor plates, my rose-colored glasses say nascar is doing this for safety reasons. My "real life" side, however, says you could very well be right about the bunching of advertisements on the lead lap.

Posted by johnnystack on 05/16/01

Requirements to participate in NASCAR:

5. Mullet hair style
4. Must beat wife
3. Must drink Wild Turkey
2. Tapes every episode of Jerry Springer
1. Your wife is also your sister

Posted by Alvin on 09/17/01

NASCAR has gone to HELL. Restrictor plates,KISS is playing at one of the tracks,Dale Earnhardt christmas balls, and endless paint shemes to make more money,not to mention that silly specticle of a show at the Charlotte races,nascar fantasy games and more drivers dying more than ever. I was a fan, now I'm over it. ..The drivers say they will boycott restrictor plate races..I say BOYCOTT ALL OF NASCAR.
Posted by R Garner on 10/24/01

What is the issue with the NASCAR haters? Humm the World Series is on. Just guys hittings balls with sticks and running in diamond formation. Scratching their ball sac's on national TV. Nice. Not to mention the chewing tobacco. I suppose that's way more socially acceptable than whiseky drinkers. Spitting slobbery, foul smelling wads of horseshit. Come here and give me a big kiss with lots of tounge.
Posted by NASCAR FAN on 11/04/01

Ya know what another stupid game is? Golf. Another stick and ball game. Hockey, another stick and ball game. Okay, puck, but if they could use a ball, they probably would. And Football. Does it really take all those guys to try and catch a ball? A big friggin game of keep-away is how I see it. And under the big friggin game of keep away column, you can add baseket ball. Boxing...Now there's an intelligent sport. I can see where sitting around driniking a keg of beer with my hand in my crotch puts you farther up on the food chain than a moonshine, not whiskey drinkin, redneck.
Posted by NASCAR FAN on 11/04/01

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