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The new iMacs


Define new. The most current model is 5 months old.
Posted by PD on 05/10/01

I'd say the dalmation and flower power skins qualify as sucky.
Posted by Bacon on 05/10/01

I would agree. Supposedly the blue dalmation made up for 1/3 of all iMac sales for the first quarter. I read something to that effect a couple of months ago.
Posted by PD on 05/10/01

Looks like Apple waved the Ugly Wand over the Dalmation and Flower Power models.
Posted by Sheesh on 05/10/01

It will only be time until we see a Compaq or HP with the same design.
Posted by MacUser on 05/11/01

Those new Apples were definitley picked from the ugly tree.
Posted by peon on 05/11/01

You prefer beige then?
Posted by Dakota Paul on 05/12/01

Nope, Actually I prefer my graphite iMac, or my black n' silver Dell thank you very much.
Posted by peon on 05/14/01

iMacs??? How about Macs in general. Boo hiss, and I use them at work all day long.
Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

Who cares what colour a PC is, as long as it does the job?
Posted by flowerdale on 05/23/01

for real though! going along soooo nice there with their boner-producing titanium G4, and the new iBook and then what the? steve jobs threw up on bubble shaped plastic! I think I a plaid iMac is in order.
Posted by kit carter on 06/05/01

Why are you using a Mac anyway?

chown -R linux:users /world

Posted by happy flowers on 06/08/01

Bay City Roller Edition?
Posted by Goldskin on 06/20/01

Graphite is nice (considering I just bought one), other two patterns are plain fucking hideous.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

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