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Jerri Manthey


You know, normally I would feel sorry for the wrath this bitch is going to endure for her dumb-ass stunts on Survivor. But I don't - I just love to hate her.
Posted by rage_robot on 05/10/01

Jerri would only suck less if she sucked more.
Posted by I'm a Survivor on 05/10/01

You hate her 'cause you can't have her. (Neither can I.)
Posted by Yes! on 05/10/01

Jerri is hated because she's a strong woman with an attitude (qualities that classify her as a bitch) and that's threatening to most people, especially guys.
Posted by dack on 05/10/01

attitude? an attitdue that sucks maybe, to much cockiness is a quality that makes men and women unattractive
Posted by brian on 05/10/01


Dack--can you add a spell check to the suck list?

Posted by Miss Priss on 05/11/01

I don't think it is because she is a strong woman with an attitude. The problem is that she is uncool, brings drums as her "luxury item" and forces the rest of the tribe to endure her version of "Criminal". (yes, I watched the damn show)
Posted by barlow on 05/13/01

Jerri from Survivor?!?! I thought you guys were talking about Jerry Mathers from "Leave it to Beaver."
Posted by Effing Clueless on 08/08/01

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