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People running around saying "You ARE the weakest link - goodbye!"


As a Brit, I feel I should apologise for 'The Weakest Link'. A sad, sad catchphrase and a clapped-out old witch of a presenter.
Posted by Urban Commando on 05/10/01

Game shows in general. (From another Brit)
Posted by NoJags Neil on 05/10/01

The way that woman says "good-bye" sounds like a chicken..
Posted by Comidoki on 05/10/01

Some guy (British, oddly enough) used that as an insult on me a few months back, I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about until I saw that show a few weeks ago. Bastard!
Posted by wright on 05/10/01

i didn't know chikens knew how to say "good-bye"?
Posted by john dean on 05/11/01

People actually run around saying this? Damn, I'm glad I sit at my computer all day and night rather than having a social life.
Posted by Drywall on 05/12/01

That woman could have an entry in "The Big Book of British Smiles."
Posted by Yes! on 05/14/01

I like the part where she winks at the end of the show, but it looks like she's got some horrifying tic or having a mini-seizure. Very sexy.
Posted by wright on 05/15/01

They even make her wear black pointy shoes. Why don't they just give her a broom too?
Posted by Fashion Police on 05/17/01

You know life is gonna blow big chunks for a while when you're sick and tired of the catchphrase... BEFORE THE FIRST SHOW EVER AIRS.
Posted by janet-come-lately on 05/29/01

Seems like most of these people who watch these stupid-ass game shows need to introduce themselves to the business end of a wood chipper.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

that bitch turns my crank
Posted by dadaftertaste on 08/23/01

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