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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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the "zoomzoom" commercials


I want to kill myself anytime I hear that song. How is it that most commercials make me like things LESS?
Posted by ro50 on 05/10/01

The first time I saw that commercial I made a mental note NEVER to buy a Mazda. That whole ploy with the kid in the business suit (you know - the KID in you) is almost as bad as the Aztek.
Posted by Zoom This on 05/10/01

I'm never as quick with the remote as when that idiotic commercial comes on. Before I read the comments, I didn't even know what they were selling. JUST GET IT OFF!
Posted by Yes! on 05/10/01


Now it's stuck in my head. Like it is every time.

Posted by Beeyatch luvr on 05/10/01

Makes you wonder why you didn't get that prized Marketing degree...
Posted by Carl Spackler on 05/11/01

They're selling an SUV that's been raised by a family of sports cars. How does the Miata constitute a family of sports cars?
Posted by 626s suck on 05/12/01

That zoom-zoom kid MUST PAY!!!! Ship him out of the country!!
Posted by John on 05/26/01

Finally a car brand that moves everybody. Not only positive but also negative. Regardless of your opinion, they do know how to get the attention. That's why I want to say over and over again:

Zoom zoom

Posted by Mark Fields on 02/06/02

Give me that zoom zoom kid! Let's make him shut up!
Posted by Ruud Juffermans on 02/06/02

Ik wil jongetje hebben...
Posted by Sander Hendriks on 02/06/02

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