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Being in love with your sister-in-law


Tough. Act on that and you will be thoroughly despicable.
Posted by PD on 05/10/01

does it matter if she is an identical twin?
Posted by 16 on 05/10/01

Maybe you confused the suck list with Dear Abby?
Posted by Get Professional Help! on 05/10/01

Only cool if you're a chic
Posted by New_comment_man on 05/10/01

Being in love? Yeah, that would be tough. Getting your dick sucked? No problem!
Posted by Might Have to Try It on 05/10/01

Well this is an all to common situation. If it your brothers wife than that blows because, well she's your brothers wife and he probably wouldn't appreciate it if you banged her. But if its your wife's sister than your the dumbass for not hooking up with the sister before you got married.
Posted by kapt napalm on 05/10/01

New suck List Entry: Guys who marry girls that have hotter-looking sisters
Posted by Mr. Ekted on 05/10/01

Wow, Kapt Napalm shouldn't be giving advice until he knows the difference between "then" & "than"


Posted by RicoSuave on 05/10/01

kapt. napalm also needs to figure out the diff. between your and you're
Posted by english_teacher on 05/11/01

Don't forget the difference between its and it's...
Posted by Ripping on Kapt Napalm on 05/11/01

Also, brothers and brother's.
Posted by Mr. Grammar Person on 05/12/01

As well as "to" and "too."
Posted by MrNeutron on 05/12/01

wow. kapt napalm is the goofus and gallant of grammer. (go ahead and ding me on the spelling...i dare you).
Posted by dogger on 05/12/01

It's a great way to get back at your brother for all the shitty things he did to you as a kid. Make sure you're really drunk if you do it. Makes it harded to remember.
Posted by Bozo on 05/14/01

I know this is an ancient posting and probably no one is paying attention any more... but the poster has my sympathies. I fell in love (via email) with my then-husband's step-brother... who was nine years my junior and lived two thousand miles away! While nothing ever happened with the step-brother, I did realize as a result that it really and truly was time for a divorce. If the poster is in that position... sometimes we all need a wake-up call. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone else out there who would make it all worthwhile.
Posted by Janet on 05/29/01

time for a H0T W3T 69!
Posted by tha masta perv on 06/08/01

Janet: lube my dick with your tears, then fuck off
Posted by Freud on 07/26/01

Hmmm... looks like someone needs a better way to deal with his suppressed rage. Apparently people with small IQs occasionally mistake frank sympathy for maudlin narcissism. I had no idea!
Posted by Janet on 07/30/01

How about this? You fall in love with a married woman, and think she has the same feelings for you. Only to realize that she's banging someone else other than you or her husband. Damn! That bites!
Posted by C.W. on 08/03/01

ooh... that does suck!

I think C.W. has hit on a clever plan... if Dack is not posting new suck list submissions, we can always add them onto the end of old ones.

Posted by sympathy 'R' me on 08/12/01

My name is Carson Daly and I will suck your cock for a nickel.

Posted by alvin on 09/17/01

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