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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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The Web Economy Bullshit Generator
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A Tribute to Booze
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Eric Raymond


I've hated Eric even since he slept with my mom. You could have at least made us all breakfast the next morning. Inconsiderate bastard.
Posted by Matt on 05/11/01

Hey, Matt, sorry about your mom. I just hope (for your sake) that she's in a better mood for a while after she gets laid. (I know, I know... but she's human too.) Regarding the breakfast... did you ever think that he might have been deliberately and considerately sparing you his terrible cooking? Just a thought.
Posted by janet on 05/29/01

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