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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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The Web Economy Bullshit Generator
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A Tribute to Booze
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dack.com is the 2¢ of Dack Ragus, a guy living in Minneapolis, MN (USA) who likes to golf, cocktail, and watch movies ... in that order.

web sites with yellow backgrounds


If you want to complain about yellow mustard colored backgrounds, try the people who put pics of Christina Aguilera (or some other star) all across the page and then have a really crappy font color so you can't read anything. At least dack doesn't have orange link colors. Whoo.
Posted by no bad design fan on 05/12/01

Hey, c'mon, get it right. It's not yellow, it's #FFCC00.
Posted by jt on 05/29/01

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