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Destiny's Child


Believe me, that kind of crap is played hour after hour, day after day on Britain's (supposed" number one national radio station. What a load of frickin crap !
Posted by Nicky TwoMeg on 05/11/01

big legs, big videos, big sets, big load of old bollocks. And what is it they are going on about in that 'Jumpin' song? Can't make out a bloody word...wots a baller?
Posted by Billy Bob on 05/11/01

What is the deal with these chics? They made the Today show this morning. How can they make crappy music and be the next Beatles? Wake up America - Wal Mart music is comin'!
Posted by Carl Spackler on 05/11/01

There's just something shallow about songs that are based on having money, having a nice car, being able to pay your own bills, having nice jewelery, being a strong independant black woman, etc etc.
Posted by Adam on 05/11/01

Hey, better than listening to that dang Britney Spears music video commercial for Pepsi. And I thought Faith Hill and that brown haired girl were bad.... yeesh!
Posted by i'mjustagirl on 05/12/01

Sadly, I think Destiny's Child is some of the more palatble new music out there right now. It's not totally vulgar and annoying. The Survivor song and Independent Women have pretty positive messages, even if they're not perfect. They're not the next Beatles, but they're better than some of the other crap out there.
Posted by kmeelah on 05/13/01

that's "palatable", I meant. my bad
Posted by kmeelah on 05/13/01

exhibit A - "she's so lucky, lucky star and she cries cries cries in her lonely heart..." - Britney Spears

exhibit B - "The house I live in
I've bought it, the car I'm driving I've bought it .I depend on me (I depend on me). - Destiny's Child.

I agree with kmeelah - they may not be the greatest out there, and I certainly wouldn't put them with the Beatles, but hey, they're better to listen to than the other bubble gum crap about how "it's gonna be me".

Posted by i'mjustagirl on 05/13/01

Where's En Vogue when you need them?
Posted by Jennifer Gavin on 05/14/01

You can't really blame the performers for rotten lyrics - most of them don't write the horrible, horrible music that they record. I'm sure they have some say in what they're doing, but it's probably pretty limited.
Posted by wright on 05/14/01

Beyonce Knowles is a pretty hot piece of ass - big legs and big asses rock!
Posted by sigpipe on 05/14/01

The thing I would question more than their lyrics is "can Beyonce really act" in that MTV hip hopera. Oh forget it. Anything MTV xcept Daria sucks.
Posted by i'mjustagirl on 05/14/01

A baller is someone with lots of disposable income, disposing of it in the most attention getting ways...ie, buying 5 benz's, having 500 people parties, going everywhere by private jet, etc. Jay-Z is a baller. You are not. Not that you'd really want to be.
Posted by baller on 05/15/01

And I bet you'd know from personal experience there baller?
Posted by Angie on 05/15/01

Small wripped yellow dress... on all fours wet on a beach. Aaah the pleasures of not trying to draw anything clever out of their music but instead simply enjoy the basic pervy thoughts that they give me.
Posted by Cockcustard.com on 05/16/01

No, Angie, I wouldn't know a damn thing about being a baller. My roommate is attempting to be one, and he admires all the local ballers, and aspires to be like them. Its amusing to watch. Anyway, I don't want to be a baller, I just wanted to define it for the Pom who didn't know what that was...
Posted by baller on 05/16/01

Ok there - I have to agree- Jay Z...yeah I can see it. Same thing with this guy at an art museum today who thought he was pimpin'. (rolling eyes)
Posted by Angie on 05/16/01

ballers are dumb. sorry to sound... i don't know... intelligent? but perhaps that $300,000 you drop in jewelry you can perhaps invest for your retirement? face it; people will one day realize your music sucks and not buy your records. then you will fade into obscurity. the only reason vanilla ice still has money is because he didn't blow all of it (though being fair, he did drop quite a bit) on crap! bling bling? speak english here, people. and then there's that charming song "can i get a 'what-what?" what the hell is a "what what?" jay-z: AR-TIC-U-LATE. no one can understand what you're saying.
Posted by munk e. butt on 05/17/01

destiny's child = bane of my existence.
I have a couple extra "what what"s perhaps monk e. butt would like one.

Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

Destiny's Child: The most recent incarnation of prefabbed, overproduced, oversold sista groups, ultimately headed for obscurity. Other examples include the 70's Sister Sledge, the 80s Salt-n-Peppa, and the 90's TLC and En Vogue.
Posted by DrewB on 05/17/01

'can i get a what-what?' is the lame ass radio edited version of 'can i get a fuck you' to all the people he wants to send that out to. oh, and lots of people can understand him, just not you or your other white friends. Intellectual speak, its a dialect, everyone speaks in one, but some are valued more in the dominant main stream culture. It seems relatively obvious with what, and where, you are comfortable.
Posted by boone on 05/17/01

Obviously someone understands those dialects if Jay-Z and Destiny's Child albums are being bought. And if kids can say the lyrics....
Posted by Hmmm on 05/17/01

no more I'm a survivor
Posted by For the love of god on 05/18/01

I don't give a rats' ass if the music sucks or the lyrical content is bland!! I LOVE seeing TITS and ASSES!! Crappy music?? BRING IT ON!! AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THREE BIG BLACK ASSES THAT COME WITH IT!!
Posted by John on 05/26/01

En Vogue? Hell yeah! They showed they could rock out and be soulful too. Mmm... Dawn Robinson...
Posted by Pope on 05/31/01

hey, do you guys like read BOOKS?
Posted by destiny's grandchild on 06/05/01

Hey Destiny's grandchild, Do you like learn how to write sentences correctly?? You're a dolt.
Posted by John on 06/11/01

Destiny's child won't be a "survivor" long, if they keep putting out their shitty pop crap. I may just go shoot them myself.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

i fuckin wanna bone Beyonce in the fuckin Ass...i cant find any pics on the net of her phat tight booty.....i wanna stick my dick thru her ass so damn bad
Posted by Flea on 07/15/01

Flea, your a fucking idiot.
Posted by Young Ward on 10/09/01

DC3 rules they have great music and send a positive message to everyone. unlike a certain Titny Spears who dosent want to be the last to know if her birth contol worked last night with her music label cuz thats the only possibe way that she's still signed.
Posted by liv on 01/03/02

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