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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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The Web Economy Bullshit Generator
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A Tribute to Booze
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Allaire being acquired by the creators of Flash - Macromedia


Great. Macromedia allows you to write arcane, pointless, uneditable scripts and code for ASP, HTML and now ColdFusion. ColdFusion'll probably wind up being an automated way of delivering pointless 750K Flash splash-pages to the unsuspecting masses. Hello, Mr. Broker, about my Macromedia stock...? Sell! Sell! Sell!
Posted by peon on 05/11/01

Allaire sucked and Macromedia also sucked for ever. So what's particulary sucky about these two suckers getting together?
Posted by drx on 05/12/01

I think this is wonderful... all the s**t should be lumped together. I'm sure the ppl in the design dept will now think I'm totally superfluous because I'm sure that they will now be doing my job with a simple cfm extention... NOT...
Posted by Peter Pan on 09/10/01

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