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The accuracy of advice in Maxim magazine and on the Tom Leykis Show


I'm a girl. I'm all into my independence and ability to seduce most men I encounter. That is, until MAXIM and TOM come along with their tips on "how to get that girl buddy of yours to sleep with you" or "how to never have to pay for another date again," and you know what? THEY'RE RIGHT, and they're giving advice that WORKS. Damn it. Even if I don't have my dignity, at least I have my breasts.
Posted by DivaCNFP on 05/11/01

Is this saying that the *accuracy* sucks, or that it sucks that the advice is so accurate? 'cuz, regardless of what the ho bag up top said, I've always heard that men's magazine tips SUCK.
Posted by CornFused on 05/17/01

No way, she rocks. Maxim rules. Hey, Diva, if you look anything like the chicks in there, give me a call.
Posted by Maxim Man on 05/18/01

Not having read/watched these media outlets, I can't comment on their accuracy. However, I have a few thoughts...
1. Diva-- I hear you, sister. Doesn't it suck to have our secrets offered up? Well, when all else fails, we still have our tits.
2. CornFused-- I think she means the latter. In light of the fact that she's a chick, perhaps you should reconsider your sources. BTW, does referring to women who are unashamed of their sexuality as "ho bags" get you a lot of play? Just wondering.
3. Maxim Man-- you're half right. Women who tell the truth are much better in the sack. Down side is... we don't all look like the ones in Maxim. But would you really pass up (for example) a great blow job just because the woman in question is a little zaftig?

Posted by janet on 05/28/01

A bit of trivia... I work at a large bookstore. We send a fair number of packages to correctional facilities. (Most CoFacs have a list of businesses that are allowed to ship packages; in most cases private individuals are not allowed to send packages.) Far and away the most popular item is Maxim. The second most popular is (as a group) tatoo / skin art magazines. My theory? It's the closest thing to porn that the prisoners are allowed to have.
Posted by janet on 05/29/01

Amen, my sister. I have now downloaded "Maxim Today" onto my Palm Pilot so as to keep on top of what these swingers in the bars are getting at when they approach me. And what they think I'm thinking. Plus, (not surprisingly) it's far more useful to read career advice out of a men's borderline-porn mag than Cosmo or even O. Sad but true.
Posted by DivaCNFP on 05/29/01

Understanding your opponent is the key to dominating the game. Good strategy.
Posted by janet on 05/29/01

ill take a hummer from a chick a little on the portly side any day!

Posted by like da blow on 09/12/01

LADIES: regarding the 2 issues posted by DivaCNFP:


if YOU choose to sleep with your male buddy, TRUST ME-it had NOTHING to do with the advice that he read in MAXIM or f/Tom Leykis. YOU obviously wanted to. any excuse will do.

2) >

long ago, i went through a short phase where i let men pay for my dates, drinks, etc., and i tell you: on an unconscious level, i believe i felt i had to be nice (not sex), try to make it work, etc. causing me to delay whatever bad news i wanted to give them (the men i didn't like off the bat). i've been fortunate in that i'm pretty well off, and i not only feel good in paying my own way, even my unconscious was freed of any obligations. i also like to treat people i like/love...and since i don't want to have kids, what am i gonna do with all my money if i just keep it in the bank? i enjoy it now, while i can.

Posted by Beatrice on 03/10/02

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