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That goddamn "di-do di-do di-do" reminder beep emanating from unattended Palm Pilots


amen, brother.
Posted by Drywall on 05/11/01

"di-do di-do di-do" *SMACK*

Also, people sitting at their cubicles with their cell phone turned on. Why does it take 6-7 rings to answer?

Posted by do-dee-frickin doo on 05/11/01

ah... you are speaking of the "look at me, i have a cell phone" delay. i'm almost positive there are people on the bus who make their phones ring on purpose just to get some attention.

still, i prefer the regular ringing to the "fur elise" and other song snips people seem to get a kick out of. assholes.

Posted by rac on 05/11/01

Right, and what about the guy in my office that has the Lone Ranger ring? Something tells me that Mr. Ranger wasn't sporting the cell.
Posted by DivaCNFP on 05/14/01

What really sucks are these jagoffs who board an airplane then, minutes before takeoff, call someone just to tell them they're on the plane.

And if I hear "Flight of the Bumblebee" chirping electronically from someone's pocket/purse, I'm gonna fucking flip out.

Posted by Cell Phone Killer on 05/14/01

I think that insipid Nokia ring is secret mind control technology developed the the evil Swedes.
Posted by JPC on 05/15/01

I read that birds have started imitating the rings of cell phones. Good. Hopefully flocks of horny male birds will start trying to mate with cell phones, swooping down on unsuspecting yuppie pinheads and ravishing their treasured Nokias.
Kinda like if Ed Wood had directed The Birds.

Posted by Canyonero on 05/18/01

Amazing guys, those Swedes. First they infiltrate a Finnish company. Then they develop secret mind control technology...
Posted by oblique on 06/12/01

Cell phones just plain suck big penis. End of fucking story.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

The reason I don't use cell phones
is that I want to have an excuse to
bitch and moan when I get cancer.

Posted by xenu on 09/10/01

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