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Family Circus


Someone should buy the rights to this strip, and then kill off the characters one by one in a series of gruesome household mishaps. e.g. Billy falls from a tree and is impaled on a fencepost, Dolly locks herself in a chest freezer and suffocates, Jeffy pokes Barfy with a stick once too many times and is savaged/devoured. It could teach children many important lessons about safety.
Posted by wright on 05/14/01

Family Circus is the sickest, most disturbing comic I've ever seen. It's demonic in its wholesomeness. I have looked into the face of evil, and it is Family Circus. Die, Bil Keane, die!
Posted by ian on 05/14/01

Anyone interested in the "Fambly Circus" should check out the listings on amazon.com; the readers' reviews are something of a phenomenon. Apparently there's more to the kids' antics than meets the eye.
Posted by Ida Know on 05/14/01

Even worse than Bil Keane (what did he do with the second "l" in his name, btw?) is his talentless hack son Glen, who is an animation director for Disney.
"Look at me, I'm so great. Pay me lots of money to scratch out these poncy scenes..."
F#cking hack father, F*cking hack son!

Posted by Milt Kahl on 05/14/01

Horrible, twee and stifiling, the "Precious Moments" of the funny pages.
Posted by tholt on 05/14/01

Remember the Dysfunctional Family Circus? I thought they had taken these down a long time ago, but I found them again at http://zompist.com/dfcindex.html.

Very very humorous.

Posted by tnuctip on 05/14/01

Don't those kids understand anything?
Posted by Family Travesty on 05/16/01

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