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Fat LPGA tour players


Substitute "all" for "fat," and I'm down.
Posted by ian on 05/14/01

5 or 10 years ago, your all comment was valid. But slowly and surely the LPGA is getting more athletic and feminine. Someday the anchor on an LPGA telecast is going to ask a guest the usual question, "Why are the foreign players dominating the LPGA tour?" and will get an honest answer. "Because 90 percent of the American players are out of shape fat pigs."
Posted by Herschel on 05/14/01

I am proposing a new law which will force lady glofers to wear nothing but thongs.
Dik Cheney says this will surely bring the country toghether under my new adminstration.
Condoliza Rice looks hot in that leopardskin bikini i got her for xmas.

Posted by George W. Bush on 05/14/01

Of COURSE they are going to be fat. Walking behind a little white ball all day. When are people going to learn...GOLF IS NOT A SPORT!
Posted by Golf Sucks on 05/15/01

Golf is not a sport.....They are not atheletes...Sure, it takes some skill....but so does sticking it in the right hole while you are drunk....but I wouldn't consider that a feat of athleticism.....
Posted by Hudgin on 05/18/01

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