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Volvo using Mr. Scruff in their new tv ad


Hey thats a good commercial!
Posted by Neal on 05/15/01

The commercials been around fro months and months. Where have you been?
Posted by Drywall on 05/17/01

Shame on Mr. Scruff for trying to pay his rent and be more well-known! I'm sure record sales alone have made him a regular fucking multimillionaire.
Posted by Growup on 05/21/01

One: I never said it wasn't a good commercial. Two: As NBC might say, if I haven't seen it, it's new to me. Three: You mean like Britney Spears and her two minute Pepsi commercial? Four: If it didn't suck, why would Dack put it on the list!?
Posted by Jelsol on 05/25/01

who the fuck is mr scruff?
Posted by dadaftertaste on 08/23/01

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