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Carpet in the bathroom or kitchen


It only sucks until you get accustomed to the stains. Vacuuming is easier than sweeping and mopping.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/14/01

I think that "It only sucks until you get accustomed to the stains" could apply to a lot of things in life.
Posted by wright on 05/14/01

It sucks AND it smells. There's no real way of cleaning carpet with all its surface area. Bacteria will do the job for you, but you have to put up with the stink. Ish.
Posted by tholt on 05/14/01

Carpeting also sucks in the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Nothing but a soft and fuzzy bacteria collection mechanism. Give me hardwoods and ceramics, please.
Posted by dack on 05/14/01

Blood stains, and hence, evidence, are removed much easier from floors than from rugs. Same for any other bodily fluids.
Posted by michele on 05/15/01

Carpet by the toilet starts to smell like urine after a while
Posted by gets off on it on 05/21/01

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