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System requirements for Windows XP


Posted by tholt on 05/14/01

Has anyone even heard of these companies?:


Posted by peon on 05/14/01

So what? If you really have a system that can't handle it, I think you need to reconsider your priorities if you think a new OS should be your next upgrade. Software has been bloating as the hardware comes available to handle it, and it's been happening for eons. Even on my old Commodore 64, the amount of data in a typical piece of software exploded once the floppy disks came out to replace the old cassette tapes.

Use the old stuff if you don't like bloatware.

Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/16/01

Windows X-tra Pathetic. Get Mac OS X, ferchrissakes.
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

XP is not that bad. I have found that the system requirements are way out of whack too.
I'm running build 2509 on a P2 @450 mhz with a mere 128 MB RAM.
I think that Microsoft says you'll need a 400 mhz processor with 256 RAM.
Whatever the case it is hilarious how many people are already running different builds with the cracks.. :)

Posted by JDW on 08/06/01

what the hell is xp's unexpected shutdown! It doesn't even have a time to freez. It's killing my Harddrive. I'm thinking to go back to 2000.
Posted by samurai on 02/22/02

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