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The Britney Spears Pepsi commercial! Make it stop!


and especially bob dole
Posted by dogger on 05/15/01

can't wait for the Cristina Aguilera COKE version... she's hot
Posted by DFA on 05/15/01

Get a TiVo. I fast-forward through that crap without a second thought.
Posted by John on 05/15/01

I don't know what's worse, having a 77 year old man leer at a teenager or having a 77 year old man's dog leer at a teenager...
Posted by It's Kiddie Porn on 05/15/01

i think the most disturbing aspect is the obviously intentional position and angle of the pen bob dole is holding at the end of the commercial. ew.
Posted by rac on 05/15/01

I don't know what is worse - the song on the radio version or the added sights of Britney being herself, the slut that she is. Spear Britney. And women in bowling alleys dancing to her? Come on. That in itself sucks.
Posted by Angie on 05/15/01

Say what you want about Britney, but I'll bet she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
Posted by Herschel on 05/15/01

Probably the most pathetic aspect of the Britney Pepsi song is the lyrics (yes, I paid long enough attention to decipher the inane dribble)...an exerpt "...my heart won't skip a beat, I never look before I leap. Ride. Just enjoy the ride - need no reason why. Everything's all right." God. Furthermore, I'm sure Pepsi wouldn't allow Britney to string together 11 cliches - it probably took a boardroom 2 weeks to come up with that crap.
Posted by Apeshit on 05/16/01

Give head? Like, um, it's gross and stuff.
Posted by Never on 05/16/01

i didnt notice the pen, that's reallly fantastic! That commercial cracks me up every time i see it, what with the big time leader of the 'christian' right leering at the hottie teenager, old enough to where she could be his great-granddaughter.
Posted by boone on 05/17/01

Hey Boone, don't forget that the christian right really knows how to party. Just ask the baptist teacher who whisked his 11 year old student off to Vegas for a little fun in the sun.

Fucking religious hypocrites. Fuck em all.

Posted by Herschel on 05/17/01

Did you see the one about the (also baptist, ah fond memories of my youth) preacher who used his daughter as slave/sextoy, kept her locked in their house for years on end? sumpin aint right with these holy folk.
Posted by boone on 05/18/01

Actually, yes, I did see that. Sick motherfucker. And from the looks of it him and his wife have three other winning spawn that are out inflicting jesus' "love" on their fellow citizens.
Posted by Herschel on 05/18/01

She's still got a great pair of pawpads.
Posted by perv on 05/21/01

britney spears, huh, she smiles like a whore, lucky bitch .
Posted by jinggo ma belle on 05/31/01

coke is better than pepsi
Posted by jordan on 07/02/01

B.S. hahahaha
B.ritney S.pears is a vidslut
Pepsi sucks
Jesus sucks
Sex sells, no shit
Christianity suppress natural desires until they become twisted, deformed and debaucherous, they make there own hell.

Posted by hairycow on 07/11/01

you all need to get a life already!
Posted by bare on 08/02/01

I'm a stupid whore...yeah kinda like Britney!
Posted by Kevin on 09/15/01

what the fuck is the big deal??? Ok, yeah. The commercial sucks... We all know that.. but do you guys ahve lives to care about it this much??
Posted by a mad bitch on 09/18/01

All of you are just jealous that BRITNEY is smart, sexy, talented and rich and you lot are geeks who sit at computers all day so go out and gey a life.
Posted by dirk on 09/20/01

She is FINE.
Posted by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on 09/20/01

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