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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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MTV's Total Request Live - that's all they play anymore


You haven't been watching. All they play now is Cribs and RW/RR "challenges". And they suck, too.
Posted by Ashley on 05/15/01

"Cribs" is fucking hilarious. Who beleives that all those one-hit wonders can actually afford all that shit? Yeah, sure, all the guys in Incubus bought a house together, and they all live there together without their wives/girlfriends. I'll buy that.
Posted by wright on 05/15/01

They are a bunch of fags that's why.
Posted by jj on 05/15/01

Music television? Yeah right. When they do play music it's hard for them to play a video in it's entirety.
Posted by yo-yo on 05/15/01

I was a dancer on one of their shows -- they are the only network that gets around paying performers. And of course they treat everyone like crap too, but of course you're supposed to bow to them b/c they're MTV. Blech. May they suffer in pop music hell!!
Posted by DivaCNFP on 05/15/01

and c'mon...Carson Daly? the guy is an LTSB (Long Top, Short Bottom). Whoever thought he was cute? Probably one of those guys everyone beat up in high school.....
Posted by LMamma on 05/15/01

Well, anytime I turn on the TV, that's on and so is that Real World.Road Rules challenge. I challenge them to shut up for a day. They also got rid of decent programs left, like Daria and now we're stuck with Jackass. Maybe that's what they should change their name to.
Posted by Angie on 05/15/01

incubus is renting that house to record their new album jagoff. you weren't paying attention.
Posted by angry on 05/15/01

Of course we weren't paying attention

Posted by Angie on 05/15/01

All the members of Incubus are straight. Right.
Posted by jj on 05/16/01

My gaydar isnt as honed as yours I guess. Who cares? I happen to like their music. I've been to one of their parties...they looked pretty straight to me...but who knows.

You should be added to the suck list.

Posted by angry on 05/16/01

can't even be called music television anymore...it's either some crappy real world/road rules challenge or that queer carson daly...gimme my MuchMusic
Posted by mark on 07/05/01

My name is Carson Daly and I will suck your cock for a nickel.

Posted by Alvin on 09/17/01

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