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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List 2001
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Brilliant Nike parody featuring my good friend Atari 2600 Golf Guy. Quick Time. 351K. Turn up the sound. Created by Anthony Ramos.
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The Web Economy Bullshit Generator
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Weblogs that exist for the sole purpose of boosting the author's ego


Then don't all weblogs suck?
Posted by dack on 05/15/01

Only if the ego wasn't worth boosting in the first place.
Posted by michele on 05/15/01

what? are you expecting a public service announcement?
Posted by Ashley on 05/15/01

My favourite is weblogs where the author talks about on nothing but his/her weblog's popularity, or lack thereof. You know, the ones where they're constantly threatening to stop writing if more people don't visit their site, and you go back through the archives, and they've been threatening that for the last six months.
Posted by wright on 05/15/01

A public service announcement that I suck? I already know that. The public will figure it out on their own.
Posted by michele on 05/15/01

Actually I am thinking of turning mine into an all A-list hob-nobbing brag blog.

Watch for next week when I will claim to have beer and sausages with dack.

Posted by Jason on 05/16/01

I'm going to turn mine into a B-list hob nob and claim that I had sex with all of you.
Posted by michele on 05/16/01

I have had beer and sausages with Dack and believe me it's nothing to brag about.
Posted by Mr. Blue on 05/17/01

Au contraire, Mr. Blue. I too have dined with Dack-- yes, beer and sausages were on the menu more than once-- but my life is so pathetic I feel compelled to brag about it.
Posted by janet on 05/28/01

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