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'80s hair band reunions


C'mon, I'm jonesin' for a Y&T reunion tour.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/15/01

Sorry, I didn't need to see Britney Fox the first time around. Some bands don't deserve second chances.
Posted by michele on 05/15/01

butt rock rules.
Posted by munk e. butt on 05/16/01

whoever slams 80's rock is jealous that crap like destiny's child, britney spears, n-suck, backdoor boys and blink 182 was never as cool and can never be as cool as a hair band, and their 15 minutes are almost up. and they won't be able to pull off the reunion tour 20 years later!
Posted by seymour butts on 05/17/01

So...if you don't like 80's rock that automatically means you like pop crap? Hell, I didn't know there were only two types of music available! Thanks, dude.
Posted by brett michaels on 05/17/01

I am dying for that Samantha Fox retrospective album. There was talent.
Posted by surface scratch on 05/18/01

Lita Ford can kick Samantha Fox's ass.
Posted by jersey high hair chick on 05/18/01

You could put that on pay-per-view. Lita Ford mud-wrestling Samantha Fox... sigh.

I need some private time now.

Posted by Canyonero on 05/18/01

what about that poison band? they were some pretty chicks.
Posted by dee snider on 05/18/01

did anyone notice that the guy bitchin about us assuming he listens to pop typed in Brett Michaels as his name? odd
Posted by whatthehell on 05/18/01

No odder than seymour butts.
Posted by whattheheck on 05/19/01

Samantha Fox and Lita Ford: Death Match 2001.

Even I would pay for that one.

Posted by surface scratch on 06/12/01

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