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Fat people at ballgames who can't fit in their seats and spill over into your space


Thank you for creating a mental image that actually made me shudder. My god, that's disgusting.
Posted by wright on 05/16/01

Hey, don't blame the fat people, they're helping support the team, just like you are. Blame the owners of the stadium and/or the team for trying to cram in as many people as possible by installing too-small-for-real-people seats.
Posted by tholt on 05/16/01

No, I'll blame your fat ass for insisting that the seat's the problem rather than you. I realize not everyone can be skinny, but virtually anyone should be able to stay under 400 lbs if they put a little effort into it.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/16/01

I'm about 300 lbs, 6' tall, built like most linebackers, and the damn seats in most theaters, the Dome and other places are way too small. It's not just fat, it's shoulder width, waistline and other things. If you don't like it, move. I bought and paid for a ticket, it's not my problem that the seat's too small. It doesn't say "no fat people" on the ticket, does it?
Posted by tholt on 05/16/01

I'm too tall to fit in the seats at the stadium for the NBA games.
Posted by a tall drink of water on 05/16/01

A 6' tall 300lb linebacker? Were you playing the XFL?
Posted by Ted Johnson on 05/16/01

Yup - 300LB, 6 feet. Not fat.
Posted by Not fat on 05/16/01

I sat on a plane from WI to LA with a 400 plus pound women in the seat next to me. She was so fat that her "side" was melting in my seat and was resting against me. After frantically look for another seat to no avail, I resigned to the fact that this women would be sharing my seat with me. Upon my arrival in LA, to my horror I found that my entire side was soaked with her sweat! I'm sorry I paid for my seat to, if your that fucking fat you should have to purchase an x-tra seat....Or the air-lines, theaters, etc. can make "huskey" seats and charge x-tra large people more money.
Posted by Comidoki on 05/16/01

I didn't say I wasn't fat. I upgrade to first class whenever I can because it's more comfortable for me and everyone else. Charging bigger people more for "huskey" sized accomodations is essentially what first class is all about. That and the drinks.
Posted by tholt on 05/16/01

im 6'3'' and only way 170lbs, but i never have enough leg room.
Posted by zimmian on 05/16/01

I never get into the "the seats are too small because they want more seats" arguement. Someone could conceivably cram 40000 seats in a normal movie theater if they wanted, but nobody does because they'd need to find an audience of Barbie Doll-sized people to fill them. The seats actually fit "real people" comfortably because the theaters would go out of business if they didn't. Nobody can accomodate everybody's different shapes and sizes, so they write off the relative few of you tubby freaks. Airplanes aren't much different. It's a matter of balancing the realities of having a finite area to put seats vs. the economics of pushing a hundred tons across the sky.

It's all good, I say. If every seat you pay for was 40% bigger just in case Mama Cass wanted to sit there, prices would skyrocket for all consumers.

Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/17/01

Pastor of Muppets is the smartest man alive!
Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

Pastor of Muppets is the smartest man alive!
Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

I did it twice for emphasis, he really is.
Posted by tharitz on 05/17/01

Pastor of Muppets needs to take an international flight with a 7' dude behind him. That'll get him complaining to the airline when he can't put his seat back for the 15 hr flight. But he won't complain to the 7' dude, because he's much bigger and will kick pastor's scrawny little average-sized ass.
Posted by Beef on 05/17/01

I've put up with worse airplane trips, and I'd take the long, uncomfortable flight over doubling the ticket price. Apparently most others would too, since most seats are still coach.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/18/01

if you have to swing your arms 180 degrees when you walk to act as a counterbalance to your fat blubbery legs moving, you should be banned from any public space where sitting between chair arms is required
Posted by pneil on 06/04/01

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