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A warm toilet seat


Or a warm, moist toilet seat.
Posted by wright on 05/16/01

Ungh. At least you can wipe the moistness off. But you can't get rid of someone else's ass-heat.
Posted by John on 05/16/01

How about fuckers who sit in the stall NEXT to you when there's an available stall one over? I'm gonna aim over and pee on someone's shoe one of these days...
Posted by Matt on 05/16/01

Urinal Chatters are a thousand times worse. Can't these people wait until I'm done before they start talking to me? Fuck off and let me piss in peace!
Posted by wright on 05/16/01

Just yesterday, I walked in to a gas station restroom...there's a guy in there who didn't lock the door. Nice. He's peeing. Not in the urinal, in the toilet. Seat down, I noticed afterwards, because it was covered in piss. The agents in the Matrix are right, we are a virus.
Posted by Stef on 05/16/01

Nice. Piss and hair on a seat is bad, too -- even worse when you're in a public restroom, and the TP is really just waxed paper. Thus, when you wipe the seat down, the piss is broken up into smaller droplets of piss and spread more evenly across the seat. Mmmm...
Posted by John on 05/16/01

One thought that makes me want to never use a stall in the men's room: to get out of the stall, I must use the lock/handle that was touched by the hand that wiped the ass of the guy ahead of me.
Posted by Dakota Paul on 05/16/01

I dunno...I kinda like a warm toilet seat, and I ain't the only one - the Japanese have completely cornered the market on toilet seats with built-in heating elements, (and for that matter, a host of other electronic accouterments, like uralyzers and shit...)

I simply prefer to think of a 'humanly pre-heated' toilet seat as an environmentally friendly alternative to the Japanese Heated Pissalyzer 9000 models.

Posted by Skippy on 05/17/01

I wonder if the Japanese have pre-stunk-up stalls too.
Posted by wright on 05/17/01

the absolute worst, by far, is women on the rag who leave leakage/drips on the toilet seat and/or on the floor. no one wants to see that shit!!!
Posted by robyn on 05/17/01

Warm toilet seats aren't all bad. When you're up at the hunting shack and it's 5 degrees below zero, you never want to be the first guy out to the outhouse in the morning. Being the second guy is way more preferable.
Posted by kev on 05/17/01

even worse are the toilets in a nightclub. imagine a thousand drunk people pissing allover five toilets, and on the toilet paper, and peeing on the assgaskets. i find it quite amusing to find one that some poor guy actually took a dump in, makes me hope he has good health insurance. also makes me go b4 i leave home.......
Posted by ? on 05/21/01

you guys havn't been to india . At least you have toilets with seats. we have the ganges
Posted by shiraz on 09/23/01

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We are a trading and engineering for the field of the high graded residential projects such as luxury houses, apartments, low-rise residential projects, club houses, hotels, etc.
Since last year, we have accumulated more than 160 numbers of architects companies, interior designers, developers, etc. Our services are providing some products and system for their projects and we will propose them to try new products. Up to now, we succeeded to supply and installed more than 20 numbers under floor heating systems for their projects. We are now following more than 40 projects including new residential projects, rennovation projects, etc.
After checking your website, we are very interested in your simple eletric heated toilet seats. They are very suitable for our existing connections. Would you mind to deal with us in the future? However, the quantities of the heated toilet seats depended on the project size so we are very hard to tell you how many of them we need.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Ray Wong
Multi-Comfort Ltd.

Posted by Ray Wong on 09/28/01

Warm toilet seats are great theres nowt wrong with them they should be made cheaper so we could all have one cos who wnts to be the first on a freezin bog in the early mornin?
Posted by Tinkerbell on 11/04/01

I know this is a pointless post, but I wanted to say I've never laughed this hard in a long time. This is some incredibly funny stuff.
Posted by RyaN on 11/07/01

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