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Large gatherings of hysterical, middle-aged women, wearing stretch pants (i.e. million mom march)


100 women showed up for the "Million Mom March" Will it be called the "Several Kooks without jobs March" next year?
Posted by JPC on 05/16/01

Maybe the "98-pound Excursion drivers March."
Posted by Canyonero on 05/17/01

The image itself is scary enough.....
Posted by Hudgin on 05/18/01

Hey, at least they cared enough to show up. Even if it doesn't change us... it might change them. I sometimes wonder if protests are really for the politicians or the protesters.
Posted by Janet on 06/17/01

I used to like this site and pass the URL around. Yeah, for about 3 years I did that.

But the thick-headed racist and misogynist stuff don't fly with me.

Sorry us ladies scare you so badly. It's sad, really.

Maybe one day Dack will grow up. But I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by Mombomb on 06/28/01

Mombomb, you miss the point completely.

Dack is not responsible for the rantings of other people. He merely provides a forum for an exchange of ideas.

Should Dack censor posts because they don't agree with YOUR ideas? Are you advocating squshing the first amendment as well as the second?

I find the MillionMoronMarch amusing for the BS that they spew, and slightly scary because some people actually fall for the aforementioned BS.

Do I think they have a right to march? Sure.

Do I have a right to call them morons and stage a counter-protest? Hell yes.

Welcome to America.

Posted by Canyonero on 06/29/01

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