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The slavery reparations crowd


The Pope's still apologizing for the Crusdaes, and that happened almost a thousand years ago. This isn't going to go away any time soon.
Posted by wright on 05/17/01

If the U.S. government goes through with slavery reparations, then Christians should be able to demand reparations for those who were thrown to the lions in ancient Rome.
Posted by O'Leary on 05/17/01

I think the U.S. government also owes reparations to all of us Canadians whose families were kicked out of America after you declared independance from Britain. God Save the Queen, you republican bastards, and send me my cheque immediately.
Posted by wright on 05/17/01

Are any of you familiar with economist Walter Williams? He sets forth a quite convincing argument about how the people clamoring for reparations today are much better off being in America, enjoying the benefits of the capitalist system, than being in Africa (where they would be had their descendants never been in the U.S.). Scary what a little illogical mass hysteria can do.
Posted by Herschel on 05/17/01

Yes, but better still would be living in America by choice rather than as a result of slavery.
Posted by barlow on 05/17/01

I honestly know people who spent the early years of their lives, barefoot, poor, and oppressed, really for real picking cotton for the white man. These people are in their seventies, and though they were not technically slaves, they worked for nothing. When were schools desegregated in the south? How long has it been since there were seperate bathrooms, fountains etc. 40 years? oh, thats almost as long ago as Nero and the christian torches, which some might consider a good start on a sanctimonious self lovin bunch that has killed more people, and looked the other way from more injustices, than anybody i know. learn history, other than the mantra, land of the free home of the brave, more of mindcontrol (for the feeble-minded) than history. It really hasnt been so long, and honestly, the prejudices are still with us.
Posted by boone on 05/17/01

Considering it's taken over 200 years for blacks to even begin to get equal rights, come on. And about them Canadians eh, a lot of colonists pissed at the patriots especially after the Declaration of Independence fled to Canada. And don't forget about the Native Americans...we nearly exterminated them before we got the slaves.
Posted by Angie on 05/17/01

Boone, as a full-blooded Honky-American I absolutely refuse to accept any blame or penalty for what happened to blacks in this country back then. Not only was I not yet alive, but my family didn't arrive in this country until 1967.

Also, let's not forget the true motivation behind the current reparations movement. Currently, it's estimated by the ILO that there are 80 million slaves in Sub-Saharan Africa. And why have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan been relatively silent about it? Because there's no money in it for their coffers, of course. And these are men of the cloth, allegedly.

Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/18/01

Ok, i agree actual cash reparations don't make much sense. Who do you pay? how much? I'd be more than happy if our fearless leaders would just make sure everyone has a top notch education. In a land of well educated, thinking people, I believe the past could more easily become the past. As a redneck son of the south, born in Mississippi not far over the river from Memphis, with a large family some/many of whom have done/do their fair share of oppressing, it seems clear to me that the feild is still far from level. I was watching Bill Maher, marijuana comes up, and the white guest turns to the black guest, who has been pretty quiet, and nudge nudge, wink wink, asks him what he thinks. Black people smoke weed, everybody knows that. i've wandered, but anyway.
Posted by boone on 05/18/01

No apologies are necessary....I saw we bring slavery back...Those niggers are just killing theirselves off...At least we could get some use out of their crack-smoking, raping, government assistance using asses before they died.
Posted by Racist Bastard on 05/18/01

Posted by Plain 'ol Bob on 05/18/01

Yeah, Racist Bastard, we sure are lucky there aren't any "crack-smoking, raping, government assistance using" white people in this country, aren't we?
Posted by Die, Rasicst Cocksucker on 05/18/01

Ahh, "racist bastard", what to say about you?

This goes to show that American independance was a colossal mistake. If you chaps hadn't seceded, We would have abolished slavery in the early 1800's as we did in Canada; there would have been no civil war, with it's decades of suffering; you would have no schoolyard shootings since your preposterous and paranoid "right to bear arms" would never have existed.
To those of you raised on the lies of the "British Tyranny" nonesense that's taught so effectively in your "schools", I can say only this: are the citizens of Canada, Australia or New Zealand worse off than you? They certainly are not. Canada has a superior social system to the US, less racism, an overall better quality of life. They certainly don't have legions of lunatics like "Racist Bastard" polluting the gene pool.
One other thing: you fellows had to be dragged kicking and screaming in to World War Two: a war against REAL tryanny. Then you spend the next 50 years boasting about how you defend "democracy". Only at the recent "election" was it made clear that America is not a democracy after all, but a "constitutional republic" (whatever the hell that means...a country where the chap with the fewer votes wins, apparently!)
One last comment: if I had had the misfortune to be born black in the US, I would spend every waking minute of my life trying to get into Canada, a proper civilised country.

God save the Queen!

Posted by British Gentleman on 05/19/01

O Canada. The land time forgot. Wasn't it the forward-thinking Canadians who, for lack of more appropriate terms, kidnapped and imprisoned quite a number of indigenous children up until what, 25 years ago? Damned civilized, those Canucks. They even gave those non-whites the courtesy of regular sexual abuse and slave-like labor duties. Hmmm. Such a wonderful, dreamlike nation. And as for teh most recent presidential election, all the recounts in the world wouldn't have kept that smarmy, monotone, "ummm"-ing little coattail rider and his buddies out of the White House. And the lesser of two evils would still have been an evil. Gore just wouldn't be gassing up the Snow Cat and running wild over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in search of the Mother of All Oil Fields (She Who Shall Redeem Us From Thine Holy Rolling Blackouts).
Posted by mook on 05/20/01

Dear Mook,

1. Those poor children were abused by the lunatics of the Roman Catholic church, arch enemies of the British Empire. We'll do for those papists yet!
2. The enlightened citizens of British Columbia recently enjoyed a substantial payment from their electricity company, since Canada is SELLING power to the northern states of the US, which in turn sell their power to California.
3. The US is the master of native american genocide (remember the blankets smeared with smallpox bacteria???); that's why the last surviving tribes of natives tried to sard to cross the Canadian border in the 19th century.
4. When Canada's election was counted (by hand) in a single day, Col. Oliver North sneered at the efficiency as an example of "socialism"!
Apparently socialism = quick and accurate counting of votes! The mind boggles old chap...

Try this lovely story out for size, and tell me about freedom of speech:

How the mighty have fallen, what?

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us;
God save the Queen!

Posted by British Gentleman on 05/20/01

Nationalism is dead, crawl off of the corpse and move on. We are all people here people. You're examples are silly anyway, looking historically, the British aint no lily white virgins when it comes to slaughter, small time or crusade style. And no country has a lock on racism, saying that seems a form of discriminatory thought (nationalism? hmm..). Americans make racists, we british are above that. anyway, theres a hell of a lot of bodies, and stupidities, along the back trail of ALL nations on the planet, if you go back a little ways into what i like to call history. The current president is ignorant and selfish, but is working for the same master as Tony. That being WTO, IMF, etc. Money. And will be until we all stop being so fucking lazy and make sure these bitches do what we tell/elect them to do. No other way to do it other than doing it yourself. Which means learning, thinking, getting involved. So yep, we have to put in effort, and make changes in our lives. Responsibility anyone? Ohhhh its haaaard. Votes counted quickly or slowly do not matter if the person elected licks the boot of the corporate masters. Right here, right now the richest 225 people in the world own as much as the poorest 47% of the world. None of them earned that, because alone, none of them would have that, not even Bill Gates. But as long as the sleepy cows (read people) keep sleeping, they will continue to get it in the ass, and i sometimes think, well, thats well deserved. Then i remember i'm getting fucked too. Then it seems less funny.
Posted by boone on 05/21/01

There are so called "hoods", "ghettos", ect. of every race and when someone doesn't make it in life it has to be racism. There are people risking their lives to try and teach someone who doesn't give a rat's ass. Then when that person enters the work force only to realize all the years he spent smoking weed, getting drunk, cow tipping, etc. insead of applying him or herself wasn't his fault, but the system's is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Anyone who can actually put effort into something instead of wasting their lives away can make in this world and especially in America. Then to bring back something that most of the American population in present wasn't even a part of and expect them to pay someone for it is wrong. Too bad most of the people who need to read comments posted on this site cannot because thier parent's live in poverty and blame someone that had nothing to do with it to their kids. Only furthering race problems.
Posted by tharitz on 05/21/01

Wow. A lot of tempers flaring and stereotypes bandied about in the name of hate of hate. That's irony for you.

How I combat injustice: be nice. Don't blame, bitch, or judge. Remember that the only person you have a right to judge is yourself and life is seldom fair; accept it and make the best of what you've got.

America could be a great country if everyone were individuals. Think and trust in your own judgement; don't be swayed by the crowd. And for goodness' sake, show a little love to your brother man.

But no, I'm not willing to break out my checkbook for injustices that happened well before my day.

Posted by Ringo on 05/22/01

victim blame anyone? If you live in america and cant see the racism all around you, dont worry, your not alone in your lack of insight. Read something please. Educate yourself Ultimate field guide to the US economy might be a good place to start. Its got numbers and graphs. Things are far from fair here in the world, and everyone seems to want to just accept that. I've got an idea. Why dont we try to make things a little more fair for all. Personal responsibility is absolutely crucial, i completely agree with you on that at least. But theres more to it than just the individual. There's what i like to call the world we live in. My guess is you would be more than a little scared to walk in the neighborhoods i work, and little children grow up there. I'm not sure if you realize that has an impact. Debate doesnt mean hate, and if your temper is never stirred by the rampant injustices in the world, i just dont understand that.
Posted by Boone on 05/22/01

to summarize: why bother lumping everyone in with stereotypes? canucks, brits and yanks have all done the racism thing; wasn't this string started to talk about slavery reparations? here's an idea: how about increasing the size of the United Negro College Fund alottment tenfold for a decade or two and see what happens? increased funding for drug rehab in prisons? these are relatively cheap solutions to systematic problems.
Posted by a canadian on 05/23/01

To the British Gent.
The brits have done more to opress other people on this earth than any other country since ancient Rome. How about the Irish who were starved by the British during the famine of 1847, and how Catholics were kicked off their land to make way for Protestant British settlers in Irealnd. The colonization of India? Hello? And lets not forget how all Jews were banned from Britain during the Renaissance. The Brits are the worst oppresseors ever. No one wants to live in Canada! and even Italy's economy is stronger than the U.K. Churchill is rolling in his grave-the last true English leader even if he did hate the Irish.

Posted by Matt the Irishman on 05/23/01

Ok, i'm with that. Take the cost of that f-22 fighter program that crashes and burns and does not disapear on radar unless scanned from one angle, lighting up the screen like a "budweiser blimp" (according to pentagon source) from all other angles. So then you would have something like 50 billion, and i bet you could really educate some people with that. Pay teachers well enough so that they would feel valued etc. Give them support. Provide training for careers, certainly the drug rehab is much needed. But thats not gonna happen becuase Rumsfeld and Cheney, whorebags that they are, have endorsed the plane as valuable to our strategerie of defenserness.
Posted by boone on 05/24/01

and aren't the b-22s based in idaho or missouri or somewhere obscure like that? no insult meant to people from those states, but we're hardly talking strategic importance in those places. as far as i'm concerned, the us defense budget could use a whole lot more cuts. it always makes me laugh when american's mock canada's socialist system. what the hell do you think the pentagon is? it's a center for providing corporate welfare. something like 70% of american research-and-development is funded by the pentagon. in the history of the world there is only one other country you could say that of: the soviet union.
Posted by a canadian on 05/24/01

the sleepy cows keep getting fucked in the ass. I guess they enjoy it. The B2 is another useless peice of shit. also supposedly stealth, lights up the radar like fourth of july. What cracks me up is all these asshole republicans kicking the mentally handicapped, pregnant mothers, and everyone else off of welfare. Then turning around and handing out more by far in corporate welfare to their friends. The morals of the religious right cause satans mouth to twitch into an unstoppable smirking smile, kinda like W's.
Posted by boone on 05/26/01

god save the queen!
she aint no human being!
and theres no future!
cause engalnds still dreaming!

-sex pistols (englands a cool place, too expensive though, and we kicked your ass in the revolutionary war)

im not racist, but the slavery thing happened long before any living black person was born. did they do the work? no. but they want money for it. i say they get jobs and work now for their own damn money and stop wasting the taxes that are payed by honest working citizens.

Posted by anarchist for life on 06/01/01

There is none more racist than the British. I like the fact that American white people will make it plain that they don't want anything to do with you because yor black. The Brits won't say a thing until they're close enough to stab you in the back
Posted by blackbrit on 06/07/01

What the hell are you all saying , seems like everyone has an opinion different then everyone else. You see that is the problem and it means that there will never be a solution.Hello Hello.Just the opinion of a canadian that doesn't give a shit thats my opinion.
Posted by opie on 06/18/01

hey lets have one about the differences in Canada and the USA
Posted by opie on 06/18/01

I am a white girl, that wishes I were black. Black people seem to have so much more fun than white people. They are a stronger race of people and a lot can be learned from the black woman. And I am obviously not alone in this identity crisis, why do white women want to be tanned, add silicone to the lips and chest, and perm their hair (for the more curly look)?
Posted by want to be black on 06/20/01

If we are gonna 'repay' then be prepared to also pay the WHITE man whose ancestors were ALSO brought to America as slaves...it was NOT only negroids. Wake up and study white history, my friends!

Posted by Tim on 06/27/01

Look to your own sick twisted minds you s. You want to blame me for what my great great grand father did? Fine, I'll do the same to you, and everyone else can join in.. and by the time it's over there's won't be a spot of ground not covered in blood.

Racism is moronic.. but the so called 'logic' we think with is totally flawed. People group things together in idiotic ways - see

Until some force can enlighten the human condition, ignore it and move on (to your own damn problems!)

You CAN teach children to ignore the image. It's the only way to end it. (ya, and thats gonna happen with all you nuts who let TV babysit)

Posted by hairycow on 07/11/01

All this ripping on those leaning toward the right for handing out "corporate welfare" pisses me off. I certainly agree that loser programs like Stealth and B-22's are moronic and any such colossal waste of money is a tragedy.

There is an enormous difference, however, between that and welfare for stupid, lazy people. Paying for programs like this and giving research money to companies often does result in something useful (Patriot missiles, which no one thought feasible, or communication satellites never being possible without the space program and the knowledge gained from it). Also, defense endeavors, even if misguided, employs people who actually work, and ultimately results in improvements in quality of life for everyone through incidental technological knowledge gained. What do you get when you give money to some fourth generation welfare recipient? Nothing. It's a complete dead-end on the economic flow-chart. They consume food, they produce a little energy in the form of body heat, I suppose. And, of course, they crank out kids left and right to contine on the welfare tradition. But what do they produce that's actually of value, what contributions to society to they make? Nada.
I'm sure that I'm inspiring some righteous indignation at this point from some who will protest "But it's not their fault!" Know what? It's not my fault either. I didn't make them, and I didn't put them in their current situation. Therefore, I am not responsible for them, but yet I work hours a day to feed them (MUCH more than I work to fund Pentagon funded projects, mind you -- look at the pie graphs of the U.S. budget to see the differece between Defense and Social Programs).
We all need to wake the fuck up and realize that when we go to work, we're trading our time and energy for money. What is your life other than your time and energy? You trade your life for money, and when you are taxed and money given to others who do nothing for it, it's an ironic reversal of the feudal system. Slavery still exists, and I'm a slave because I work for others against my will. Where's my reparation?

Posted by DC on 08/31/01

Ans speaking of Christian's getting recovery from Rome for "that lion episode", the civlized people of the planet (BOTH if us) need compensation for the burning of the Library in Alexendria, from those same "Christians".
Posted by eBob on 09/12/01

And speaking of Christian's getting recovery from Rome for "that lion episode", the civlized people of the planet (BOTH if us) need compensation for the burning of the Library in Alexendria, from those same "Christians".
Posted by eBob on 09/12/01

You realize that reparations are not just to give money for the work slaves did? It's one "solution" to the genereal economic gap between races that was enabled by slavery, segregation, and rascism. More than half of the world's CEO's are old white men from the time before integretion who carry with them a mentality that Blacks are inferior. This attitude enabled all of these things... that a race can be inferior... WOW! Cultural Relativism at its finest!

The reparations would supposedly even the field, but I doubt they would do that... A good amountof those who are in poverty would not spend the money in a useful manner. Their lifestyle would not change and they wouldn't be any more accepted as competent individuals.

WE NEED SOCIAL PROGRAMS. We need things like welfare, affirmative action, rehabs (not just prisons), and EDUCATION... That is done by supporting all these programs that are already in place! FUNDING. FUNDING. and FUNDING.

we'll give tax rebates to everyone to give the economy a boost, but we care little about how well our non-profit organizations are doing... what they are accomplishing.

I guess it's a lot easier to do math than evaluate the results of initiatives to solve social problems. So, reparations are along this same type... just give money to the people that are affected so they can buy "stuff" and be happy because you know...
Amount of stuff = Amount of happiness in America.

WHY DON'T WE CARE and realize that we need a little socialism... we are too damn proud to admit that Capitalism has it's flaws. I don't care what the "Imaginary Hand is Supposed to Do" it slapped to many consumers in the face.


Posted by NoEffects on 11/03/01

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