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Infrared "seeing eye" faucets in public restrooms that never fucking work


No shit, who makes those things? I'm gonna go short the stock.
Posted by Herschel on 05/17/01

put a napkin in front of the sensor, tilt it so theres a little gap. the faucet will stay on.
Posted by someguy on 05/17/01

Or, take a 30-oz. framing hammer and smash the sink and the faucets to little bits. The water will stay on that way too, although it will be spraying directly up at the ceiling.
Posted by wright on 05/17/01

Between the faucets that don't work and the driers that don't dry, I think the answer is wiping your ass with your bare hand and walking out.
Posted by DrewB on 05/17/01

Unfortunately, most places with the sensor faucets also have the sensor toilets. So you get a wet ass but can't wash your hands...
Posted by Double Whammy on 05/17/01

In the SF area, PacBell Park has the worst setup I've ever seen. Not sensor-sinks, but these weird-ass, six-faucet half-circles. You press a large button for a three-second trickle of water -- but the clearance between bottom of sink and the "platform" that holds the faucets is maybe four inches. You can't get your damn hands in there.

Not that people spend time washing their hands at the game, anyway -- especially after the geniuses did away with the massive, crowd-capable troughs and installed 4-6 urinals per restroom.

Posted by John on 05/17/01

I'd say about one in three of those damn things works in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.
Posted by flyer guy on 05/17/01

Even worse are my work's sensing urinals that don't flush properly
Posted by porcelain on 05/17/01

If you'd just learn not to piss on your hands, those sinks wouldn't be a problem.
Posted by Pastor of Muppets on 05/18/01

What pisses me off is when you put your hands in front of them, They dont work, Then you move to another sink, and the one you were just at starts to work.
Posted by Michael on 05/18/01

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