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When condoms break unexpectedly


C'mon half of the Suck list contributors wouldn't be here without that little gem. God bless the 30% failure rate.
Posted by Jason on 05/17/01

Another pitfall is putting one on backwards, realizing it won't roll out, turning it around, rolling it out, and then having a baby 9 months later because a few spermatazoa clung to the end of the condom that you originally thought was the inside but now is the outside. But we really like the kid a lot. His name is Charlie.
Posted by i'd rather not say on 05/17/01

what really sucks: the warning sign that it broke is that it now feels much better
Posted by perv on 05/17/01

so true.. so true..
Posted by heh on 05/17/01

What sucks even more is not knowing how much that sucks.
Posted by Jelsol on 05/25/01

what i think would really suck is growing up knowing that the only reason you were born is because your dad is too retarded to roll a tube of latex onto his penis properly.
Posted by kit carter on 06/05/01

Do condoms ever break expectedly ???
Posted by Mike on 07/05/01

expectedly? yes, when the girl REALLY wants to have your baby....
Posted by papa on 07/10/01

just say what I say..."It wasnt me"..
Posted by scared of responsibility on 10/23/01

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