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Turning 30 and having nothing to show for it


The fact that you turned 30 is mutually exclusive to you not having any thing to show for yourself. Get off the couch and do something.
Posted by getup! on 05/17/01

Ahhh, idealism...ain't it smarmy?
Posted by Plain Ol' Bob on 05/17/01

I have something to show for turning 30...a bad back.
Posted by big cracker on 05/17/01

Well then, try moving out of your parents house for a start. Then, you'll have mortgate/rent payments, phone bills and cable bills.

Then just maybe you'll get some "action" too.

Posted by move out on 05/20/01

Uh, thats how it's supposed to be. It allows those of us over 31 to have more than you.
Posted by Gino on 05/21/01

hej sex waz upppp my dig ok
Posted by doni on 05/24/01

It's better to have nothing to show than working at Macromedia and having invented abusive internet technologies with flashy names
Posted by Mahr-Hansi on 06/21/01

As someone on the verge of the cliff that is 30, I can relate.
If I hear the words "bridget jones" again I'm going up on the roof with an uzi.

Posted by Stiffler's Mom on 07/01/01

What sort of small minded philosophy requires people to have something to show for their 30 years?!!!
Posted by Miznoma on 07/19/01

Perhaps 'not having anything' could refer to the spiritual emptiness one feels at 29. It's isn't always about having the new Jetta and fulfilling one's IKEA nesting instinct...

Just a thought.

Posted by plain ol' bob on 08/01/01

i think it's about realizing that after age 30 it's all downhill sexwise especially if you're of the female gender. how many guys talk about having the hots for "that foxy thirty six year old" they saw somewhere?
Posted by zina on 08/12/01

I got my new Jetta at age 29.
Posted by wanna-be yuppie asshole on 08/17/01

What was I to show who when I turned 30???
Posted by TMMX on 08/24/01

Ohhh Zina....the bitterness shows
Posted by Hehehe on 09/11/01

Something to show for turning 30, I'm afraid so. I had a waistline that was expanding from 28" at 28 years of to 32" by the time I was 30! If it had been something other than my waistline I would have a lot happier....
Posted by Gordon on 09/25/01

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