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10 digit dialing


Especially when your office, your home, and your cell phone are each in different area codes. Not only do you have to remember the 10-digit number, but you also have to remember which stupid area code you're even in!
Posted by Stop the Insanity on 05/17/01

What's worse, the fact that nearly every major metropolitan area has ten-digit-dialing, or the fact that the Twin Cities has ten-digit-dialing, or is it seven-digit-dialing, or, wait, which damn area code am I in?!?!?!
Posted by mook on 05/17/01

I know!! It sucks... my home number is 718-685-9756 but my work is 212-975-8558 and my cell is 917-896-3322!! And for some reason, I still get so many calls from total strangers!
Posted by Supermodel on 05/17/01

You have to use the phone number service that telemarketers seem to have... they have EVERYONE's phone number!
Posted by Saint Nick on 05/18/01

10 digits? In the UK they go up to 11! And the London area code has changed from the centre-of-the-universe 01 to 071 or 081, then 0171 or 0181 and now 0207 or 0208.
Posted by elliot100 on 05/22/01

next thing you know, they'll have us punching three buttons on the remote to change channels.....god this is taxing!
Posted by doodah on 05/24/01

Most big cities in the US have had 10 digit dialing for a long time, and people in DC have been doing it since the ice age. Congratulations Twin Cities, you're no longer a podunk town in the middle of nowhere--oh, wait-you still are, but now have a modern phone system...

Do the people that are whinig about this have cell phones? Because YOU DID THIS!

Posted by zappafreak on 06/28/01

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