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Skinny people at ballgames who bitch about me hanging over into their seat


You can't blame us genetically superior skinny people for protecting our personal space. Go sit on the stairs, fat-ass.
Posted by wright on 05/17/01

Lose some weight fat-ass.......
Posted by Hudgin on 05/18/01

It's called exercise...
Posted by Do a Sit Up on 05/18/01

Don't worry fat ones, skinny people with too-high metabolisms have just as much health risks as fat people. Especially since they think they can eat anything while their arteries are clogging up like an old sewer pipe.

Genetically superior, my big meaty black ass.

Posted by Dr Jumbo on 05/18/01

Yeah it does suck. Lose some weight.
Posted by wrongway on 05/19/01

skinny poeple are fun to beat up
Posted by big meaty black ass on 05/21/01

Hand over your hot dog(s) and gimme' twenty, fattie.
Posted by Jelsol on 05/25/01

Posted by tareq on 07/18/01

Posted by taerq on 07/18/01

this comment i posted on another topic but it seems it belongs here even more.

fat this, flabby that, jesus christ on a pogostick. it's called "middle age", dipshit. you are what, nineteen? younger than that, maybe? i guess it's genetically embedded - you have to resent and be repelled by people older than you, people in the same age group as your parents...you hate them, rebel against them, and spew putdowns about their weight to show everyone how cool you are. to boost your own flagging, shaky ego by shaking middle-aged people down.

what could, after all, be more horrible and pathetic than being FAT? surely they must not understand what a terrible sin this is they commit by...existing in a body shape different than the body shape that teenage people have. and they do it on purpose! these wretched horribly unattractive people are FAT because they LOVE being that way, they LOVE carrying around 100 to 200 extra pounds everywhere they go, they love not being able to eat anything in public without getting dirty looks from people passing by, they love having their insurance rates go up and their doctors not believe them when they say they don't sit around eating crap food all day, and you just KNOW they are BLISSFULLY HAPPY about being COMPLETE SEXUAL NON-ENTITIES..and having nothing to look forward to but getting older, uglier and slower with every passing year.

Middle aged people love being fat and you have every right to hate them for it; they do it to hurt you and for that they should all die and go to hell. Oh, wait, you say, they COULD change their weight if they wanted. The guy Jared in the Subway commercials did, after all!

Clue: 1. Jared is in his 20s. 2. It's a TV commercial. TV commercials have a resounding record of telling the truth...not.

After age 30 or so, muscle tissue does not replace itself. This is why older people are fat. Ever been to a gym? Noted the prices? Could you afford to go to a gym every day for two hours and do this for about three or four years without lapsing? If a fat middle aged person does this he or she might lose about thirty pounds. If their starting weight is, say, 250 pounds, that means after all that work and money spent, they will still be over 200 pounds and you will still be yammering at them to do something about that weight problem.

I can't believe some fat woman hasn't gone postal yet and done some crazy, violent thing after getting this shit thrown at them every goddamn day of their lives.

For Christ's sake, leave the fat people alone for a change. Believe me, it is not a "choice". The "choice" here is to live fat or die. It seems the majority of people would rather fat people would just opt for the latter and stop taking up so much space. I am beginning to want to take them up on that.

I think I'll stay alive, though, for I do not wish to give you the satisfaction of removing myself from view. You don't like looking at fat middle aged women? Turn your damned head, then. What a no-brainer.

Posted by zina on 08/12/01

try not to look so fat
Posted by werqwerwe on 08/24/01

Look, Fatasses, those seats are for the AVERAGE person. That means you're in the TOP 50% fatasses if you're hanging over. Lose some frikin weight. You don't need to invade my personal space... I don't invade yours!
Posted by Some Guy on 10/21/01

Ok, Zina the huge warrior
Posted by Magnus on 11/02/01

Zina, did you eat my chilidog while i was in the bathroom during halftime?
Posted by thatotherguy on 11/30/01

while i'm the subject, maybe they should pay 1.5 ticket price, being they take up .25 of a seat on either side. perhaps stadiums and other arenas should look into this. they could bundle it with some nachos.

just an idea

Posted by thatotherguy on 11/30/01

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