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Fat ass soccer moms yelling tactical advise (run to the ball!) from the sidelines of the soccer pitch


Add to that people who call football soccer. There's a whole world out there you know.
Posted by X on 05/17/01

And we couldn't care less.
Posted by nyah nyah on 05/17/01

woah! tough crowd. least i knew pitch (from my rugby days, fly half, captain, harvard rugby club, so bite me on the soccer/football nuance). and the phrase "couldn't care less" is ambigous. and the reference to the whole world is funny from people who never leave their basement.
Posted by dogger on 05/17/01

Would you rather have those fat assed women punching you or the ref if your kid fell and tripped your kid before s/he scored a point?
Posted by hey now on 05/17/01

The rest of the world is overrated anyway. It's just like here, only further away, and with different buildings and weather and people. Plus it's usually expensive to get to. No thanks!
Posted by wright on 05/18/01

Wright's never been to Amsterdam - I hope like hell he/she was being facetious. Both canals and coffeeshops number over 200 and everyone you walk by is speaking a different language than English. Americans are there in small numbers and it's usually a joy to bump into one (except spoiled frat wannabees). I went again in April - round trip ticket? $411. "Just like here...no thanks!" Ummm, could you be more pathetic?
Posted by Just Called Out That Loser on 05/18/01

The USA is seriously licking nuts right about now... I'm just waiting for MAD from good ol' dubya.
Posted by jt on 05/21/01

Gosh yes, I was being totally serious. Thank you for pointing out how pathetic I was, I realize the error of my ways now.
Posted by wright on 05/22/01

Sports moms suck. My son plays baseball, and I refuse to ever be sucked into the vacuum of fat-assed "sportsmoms" screaming to their sons "Get a touchdown. (?huh?)Whiffer, whiffer."Get a life.

I just watch insonspicously and inwardly cheer.Don't ever wanna walk down THAT road!! It would be like buying a minivan and mean I am really finally old.

Posted by cindy on 05/22/01

No real point, just opinions: Dogger's comment is interesting enough to forgive any grammatical errors. Also, Just-Called-Out needs to get a sense of humor, or at least a dictionary that can help him/her learn to define "irony".
Posted by janet on 05/28/01

Actually,X, it is called futbol. At least i think that is what you mean. And about the reat of the world, do you think we Americans really care?
Posted by it doesn't matter on 05/31/01

Canals and coffeeshops, my ass. go to greece and experience some culture, pothead.
Posted by Deez Nuts on 06/01/01

yeah. women suck. I really hate it when women try to know anything about sports or participate in their kid's activities. Why don't they just stop pretending to like sports and allow their kids some time to experiment with inhalents while they work off all that FAT they've accumulated?
Posted by kit carter on 06/05/01

Soccer is a great game for girls and guys that can't hit curveballs.
Posted by Brian on 06/12/01

hahahahaha. soccer moms suck! yes. and i hate amsterdam. its so gross. bouncing technicolor dildos in the windows. ewwwwww. and it IS soccer, and it SUCKS TOO!
Posted by pez on 06/13/01

Its so true!!!! eheheheheh!(extatic voice with giggles at the end)
Posted by xdigitaldorkx on 06/16/01

I can't get enough of soccer Moms. They are so fine, with their large, flabby asses roiling in their overly tight shorts. Their faces purple with the effort of screaming at their children and referees. What could be finer than to see their red-veined eyes and cheeks bulge as their floppy tights bounce up and down as they sprint down the sideline....ah, if only I could caress their cottage cheese thighs as they walk...it would make me want to be President again. Yummy
Posted by Herbert Hoover on 06/19/01

Lest we forgot "Little League Dads", don't under estimate the testosterone-infused delirium and hyjinxs of dozens of wannabe athletes screaming at the top of their lungs and threatening bodily harm to all beings in their path. Oh, did I mention the large beer bellies bursting forth from a not-large-enough tee shirts?
Posted by Scooter on 06/29/01

fat this, flabby that, jesus christ on a pogostick. it's called "middle age", dipshit. you are what, nineteen? younger than that, maybe? i guess it's genetically embedded - you have to resent and be repelled by people older than you, people in the same age group as your parents...you hate them, rebel against them, and spew putdowns about their weight to show everyone how cool you are. to boost your own flagging, shaky ego by shaking middle-aged people down.

what could, after all, be more horrible and pathetic than being FAT? surely they must not understand what a terrible sin this is they commit by...existing in a body shape different than the body shape that teenage people have. and they do it on purpose! these wretched horribly unattractive people are FAT because they LOVE being that way, they LOVE carrying around 100 to 200 extra pounds everywhere they go, they love not being able to eat anything in public without getting dirty looks from people passing by, they love having their insurance rates go up and their doctors not believe them when they say they don't sit around eating crap food all day, and you just KNOW they are BLISSFULLY HAPPY about being COMPLETE SEXUAL NON-ENTITIES..and having nothing to look forward to but getting older, uglier and slower with every passing year.

Middle aged people love being fat and you have every right to hate them for it; they do it to hurt you and for that they should all die and go to hell. Oh, wait, you say, they COULD change their weight if they wanted. The guy Jared in the Subway commercials did, after all!

Clue: 1. Jared is in his 20s. 2. It's a TV commercial. TV commercials have a resounding record of telling the truth...not.

After age 30 or so, muscle tissue does not replace itself. This is why older people are fat. Ever been to a gym? Noted the prices? Could you afford to go to a gym every day for two hours and do this for about three or four years without lapsing? If a fat middle aged person does this he or she might lose about thirty pounds. If their starting weight is, say, 250 pounds, that means after all that work and money spent, they will still be over 200 pounds and you will still be yammering at them to do something about that weight problem.

I can't believe some fat woman hasn't gone postal yet and done some crazy, violent thing after getting this shit thrown at them every goddamn day of their lives.

For Christ's sake, leave the fat people alone for a change. Believe me, it is not a "choice". The "choice" here is to live fat or die. It seems the majority of people would rather fat people would just opt for the latter and stop taking up so much space. I am beginning to want to take them up on that.

I think I'll stay alive, though, for I do not wish to give you the satisfaction of removing myself from view. You don't like looking at fat middle aged women? Turn your damned head, then. What a no-brainer.

Posted by zina on 07/30/01

You are so right Zina. People automatically put on fat after they are 30. All those fat people out there aren't eating crap and doing no exercise and they never whinge because there's no easy drug for them to take to shed their fat. Errr...how come there's so many of them in the US? Oh that's right, I forgot. There's probably a fat virus that only affects wealthy, developed nations and makes people stuff their greedy faces with doughnuts and chips and stuff. Oh poor fat people. Let's start a charity for them and maybe all the people in poor countries can contribute their thinness.
Posted by vj on 08/14/01

Ohhh boy zina you make me laugh....
All that effort typing, you must be proud....

Posted by Hehehe on 09/11/01

fuck you asshole
Posted by mr boss on 10/04/01

Posted by hey there! on 10/06/01

soccer moms must die.

Posted by wRenchpilot on 10/07/01

I SO agree. SHUTUP...I"M TRYING TO WATCH THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to sit atop the highest point in the particualer building with a particularly bad-@$$ sniper rifle and pick off all the arena fan coaches. I would LOVE it. I mean honestly.......like they could do better.....
Posted by Afewloosescrews on 12/09/01

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