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Note: No images were harmed in the development of Suck List Classic
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dack.com is the 2¢ of Dack Ragus, a guy living in Minneapolis, MN (USA) who likes to golf, cocktail, and watch movies ... in that order.

Suck List Classic

  1. dack.com*
  2. Dack Ragus*
  3. you*
  4. guys named Dack*
  5. the suck list*
  6. people who make lists of things that suck*
  7. Branding Mania. e.g. all those little fucking stickers on every piece of fruit you buy, just to tell you what corporation grew it. Now we have to peel them off? Worse than the "Inspected by No.23" stickers in your new underwear!
  8. toilet paper rollers that limit the amount of T.P. you can unravel.
  9. timeouts after every kick
  10. mortgage refinance solicitors
  11. Timothy Dalton as Bond
  12. Clothing telling the world where you have been...who cares?
  13. People who lick their fingers when eating.
  14. My work chair
  15. People who check voicemail on speakerphone
  16. the permanence and instantaneousness of email
  17. kottke.org
  18. 3.2 beer
  19. Cars made after 1969
  20. Every Bond whose first name is not Sean
  21. AOL
  22. Hollywood
  23. Star Wars
  24. Real Networks**
  25. web logs
  26. New Year's parties
  27. microbrews
  28. any sweet stuff in cocktails
  29. email jokes
  30. portals with holiday themes
  31. Christmas shopping
  32. Dryel
  33. Ricky Martin
  34. litterbugs
  35. Anyone classified as a "pop sensation."
  36. Netscape Webmail
  37. final exams
  38. people that stink up the restroom at work
  39. Beanie Babies
  40. Any mention of y2k or the millennium
  41. Airborne Express
  42. Minnesota during the winter
  43. Minnesota during the summer
  44. backsplash when using a public toilet
  45. Manila
  46. Quicken's radio ads. They spend half their time talking about the "Supertool," which is a fictitious product!
  47. having to go three different places on christmas day to see all the family
  48. high school cheerleaders
  49. Astronaut Wife's web site
  50. Astronaut Wife's music
  51. $3 hookers
  52. Red Herring's non-news news.
  53. mullets
  54. browser cache
  55. When tv news people talk about their web sites like fucking morons and say things like "dial up our web site" or "email us at www.badnewsstation.com" or "surf on over to www.badnewsstation.com." Today, I heard one of them say, "It's always on — 24 hours a day."
  56. the Dryel web site
  57. 24 hour coverage of millenium celebrations around the world
  58. drunk russian leaders
  59. the size of the form field for submitting things to the suck list
  60. the music on the Dryel web site
  61. When people are chewing food and they take a big swig of milk/beer/coke and continue to chew before swallowing. Gross!
  62. the phrase "my bad!"
  63. the Abercrombie & Fitch song by LFO
  64. Jenny McCarthy
  65. wine
  66. Mr. Cranky
  67. being sick
  68. colors that have flower names
  69. Apple´s OSX gui (Steve why didn't you stick with your NEXT buddies?)
  70. the new gap commercials
  71. people with annoying and very loud laughs
  72. lists of things that suck that scroll on forever
  73. people who do not know sports
  74. white shirts and khakis
  75. National Youth Leadership Council - or any organization for overachievers
  76. having no control over your cruise control
  77. artists releasing partial mp3s for download
  78. service charges on top of the ticket price
  79. hangovers
  80. metered ramps
  81. picky eaters
  82. People who wear so much perfume/cologne that they apparently think they're lunar moths, trying to attract a mate from 200 miles away
  83. 32 year old blonde English teachers that won't give you the time of day even after you've taken them out to an expensive restaurant and given them flowers on numerous occasions
  84. Ticketmaster
  85. Yahoo!
  86. mall bangs and overprocessed blondes
  87. John Rocker
  88. broken links
  89. chat rooms
  90. Arial font
  91. Kurt Warner's wife
  92. having to clean up one or two inches of snow
  93. new schoolhouse rock
  94. Nori
  95. St. Croix United States Virgin Islands
  96. .com this .com that
  97. Waking up in the morning, thinking it's the weekend, and then realizing it's still a weekday...
  98. the word "start up" in the same sentence as "pre IPO"
  99. religions that don't believe in interest
  100. Beautiful women with long legs and firm bodies who dress in business attire with short skirts and tight blouses and who don't dig me
  101. People on cell phones in the grocery store, talking to someone about how tough it is to shop at the malls these days
  102. [Fwd: Fwd: emails ]*
  103. waking up and having to go home
  104. losing the Mr. Happy sticker from your toothbrush
  105. ads for long distance service
  106. farts with no odor
  107. parent teacher conferences
  108. nobs that are fat and short
  109. anal fissures
  110. people who believe everything Jakob Nielsen spouts
  111. This aussie chick Kate, our dingbat receptionist
  112. when my nose won't stop itching
  113. tag. lines. with. periods. after. each. word.
  114. my dog's farts that smell like cheddar cheese
  115. intranets -- because most of them suck so bad and you can't rip on them publicly becuase they're usually behind firewalls.
  116. BGCOLOR="#FFCC00"
  117. paying $8 for a popcorn and a soda at the movies
  118. no matter how much you twist and dance the last few drops end up in your pants
  119. going to work and being bombarded with company drones whose entire wardrobe consists of corporate propoganda "all praise the company" tshirts
  120. guys who walk into the washroom, have a pee and walk straight back out without washing their hands
  121. Paying 3 dollars for a bag of chips that's only half full
  122. People who put apostrophes in their plural's
  123. Two Party System
  124. incomplete bowel evacuation (craps that break in half and get sucked back in for the next few hours)
  125. Any movie studio related theme park
  126. 5 year frame guarantees on umbrellas
  127. Cheesy American TV ads dubbed with Austraian voices
  128. blatant overuse of the colour orange lately
  129. work
  130. the RIAA
  131. beer cans that roll under the brake petal
  132. vienna sausage
  133. major record labels who refuse to develop newly signed artists and let them toil away into the obsucity of one hit wonderdom
  134. When MTV stopped playing actual music videos
  135. the available pool of candidates for election to any public office
  136. Napster users who keep incomplete songs in their library
  137. urinal conversationalists
  138. anti-flash dinosaurs like you
  139. Text driven websites that constrain all the content to live in a 640 wide table. Aargh - let it flow!
  140. "my karma ran over your dogma"
  141. superpants.com
  142. Spell checkers that make you capitalize "Internet"
  143. people who invade the stall next to you for #2 while you're already doing #2 and you got there first
  144. sex
  145. anything "outside the box"
  146. people who drive 25 in a 25 zone
  147. Our new company name (marchFirst)
  148. deskmates who set their cell phones to play 'the entertainer'
  149. girls who don't need to wear bras
  150. girls who should but don't
  151. bad speling
  152. airline strikes and CHAOS
  153. radio and tv announcers who reel off URLs and pronounce the "www" like this: "dubbleya-dubbleya-dubbleya"
  154. Amazon.com and their lame patents
  155. "no fat chicks" t-shirts
  156. the flat, cartoony, 2D look so popular in web design right now. give me drop shadows, give me glows, give me textures (as long as the text isn't on top of them) because i'm tired of solid colours.
  157. people who think the web is just a newspaper on a computer screen
  158. people who snort when they laugh
  159. david letterman
  160. people that listen to eighties music in a shared office
  161. Airtran Airlines
  162. women who don't trim their pubic hair
  163. Abercrombie & Fitch
  164. the idea of anyone boinking Kathy Lee Gifford
  165. Tipper Gore for making record labels put those annoying warning stickers on CDs
  166. the wireless web
  167. Notes5 mail client
  168. the marchFirst web site
  169. people who reply to emails and leave the entire body of the previous message in the new message
  170. newschool boy band LFO stealing their name from oldschool electronica band, LFO
  171. my boss
  172. 'N SYNC'
  173. Having diarrhea in a public restroom
  174. links to nudie pictures
  175. do-good politicians
  176. working 9-5
  177. brittany spears and any other pre-mickey mouse club kid
  178. a bad haircut
  179. getting caught surfing the web at work
  180. paying for cable to get network stations
  181. Movie trailers with the phrase "In a world where ..."
  182. Blowing your nose and having goo come out of your eye
  183. the Oscars**
  184. referring to non cell phones as "land lines"
  185. The M(spr)all of America
  186. Angelina Jolie's brother
  187. the phrase "Anywho"
  188. the olympics
  189. e this e that....
  190. people who bid on your auctions and then don't pay up
  191. jail rape
  192. people who add flash sites to this suck list like marchfirst
  193. Phoenix, AZ
  194. forwarding an email containing long lists of previous addressees**
  195. Chalupas (and the dogs that advertise and are ground up to create them)
  196. women that do their makeup on the train
  197. Denny Green
  198. dumbass tourists
  199. news from 5-8 with the same stories repeated over and over and over
  200. people who drive 55 in the fast lane on the highway
  201. emails with unrelated subject lines
  202. guy on the train jabbering into his cell phone, punctuated with "I'm in a public place so I can't name names, but on that REALLY BIG deal, you know which one, I think we ought to ..."
  203. bosses
  204. cilantro
  205. new media workers who think they're different than the Alex P. Keaton yuppies of the 80s just because they get to dress casually at work
  206. Nightclub bouncers who think they have taste in fashion and style
  207. matt damon
  208. "You've got (anything placed here)!"
  209. those 'ladies' who are too dainty to sit on a public toilet seat to pee, yet have no qualms about pissing all over it.
  210. whiny pathetic men begging for sex
  211. Being forced to watch Angel to see the conclusion of a Buffy episode
  212. b2b
  213. Corporate America
  214. Corporate politics and related bullshit
  215. email chain letters
  216. kforce.com
  217. The Olsen Twins
  218. Web designers who set text I want to read in font size 2. Don't they realize that it's the equivalent of font size -1?
  219. ibooks
  220. F***wits who don't know the difference between "you're" and "your"
  221. drunk crack whores
  222. Morning wood
  223. UFO's that follow you
  224. Intense intestinal cramps
  225. my friend emily, who is all about herself. shes always sick too! its like shutup!!! i hate her now. she needs to grow up and get a life!
  226. environmental disaster movies
  227. people and their pathetic dysfunctional lives
  228. raising the roof
  229. insincere self-deprecation
  230. Minnesota drivers
  231. The attitude that the world revolves around people from Minneapolis - NOT!
  232. people in restaurants who talk too loudly (in atlanta, this means EVERYONE!)
  233. taxes
  234. Middle-aged advertising agents who pretend they know all about the internet
  235. small-government zealots advocating stricter abortion laws**
  236. small-government zealots advocating a constitutional flag-desecration amendment**
  237. The thought of the first Elian Gonzales made for TV Movie
  238. the Hooters in Augusta, GA
  239. Anything associated with Arkansas
  240. Season Finale of the Sporanos..the writers were doing so well..what happened?!
  241. George W Bush
  242. Dr. Laura
  243. b2b2c
  244. 6 degrees of kevin bacon
  245. www.cartier.com
  246. splash pages
  247. Wired Magazine
  248. Those fat bastards on CBS Monday Nights who get all those much thinner, much more attractive women than they deserve. C'mon...King of Queens? Raymond? Ladies Man? When's the last time you saw an obese white man with no money landing a hottie?
  249. platinum medallion members who mass in front of the gate like the Huns invading China, or maybe like belligerent sheep
  250. when the whole world is paying attention to your website and the damn server crashes.
  251. constant media blather about how Europe is ahead of the US in wireless Internet access
  252. People who discuss their infections with you.
  253. The People's (Anything)
  254. state of utah
  255. tabbed navigation that is "forced" into two rows
  256. netscape for the mac
  257. The "dot" arrow that comes with the font Meta that EVERYONE uses for "instant design"
  258. micro$oft
  259. people who still spell millennium wrong
  260. e-anything
  261. weed with seeds
  262. Americans, blinded by their anti-Castro hatred, who just can't see that the kid should be with his dad
  263. Americans who crap on Cuba. The people are great.
  264. All American beers
  265. porno sites which hard to get out of because of all those damn windows!
  266. period cramps
  267. Matt sucks because he's not in love with me
  268. cars with cup holders designed for non-moving cars
  269. head colds
  270. The Tom Jones cover of (insert your favourite song here)
  271. Having your new boyfriend find your Spice Girls Album
  272. Meeting up with people from high school who say "You haven't changed a bit"
  273. Ten years ago
  274. Finding your parents' porn collection
  275. Realizing your parents do it more than you do
  276. dot-com CEOs who know nothing about the web or technology
  277. people who think the millennium ended in 1999
  278. Realizing your parents do it more than you do
  279. virtual communities
  280. alternative minimum tax
  281. Tijuana
  282. the "new" economy
  283. Windows 98
  284. Idiots who dial on speaker phone and wait for someone to answer before picking up the receiver**
  285. Britney Spears new video, if she wasn't wearing a red plastic suit.
  286. I do too love you. -Matt
  287. males who think that only women are needy and add "needy women" to a "what sucks?" list
  288. People with the "East Coast attitude". You know who you are, you snots.
  289. Going through the drive thru only to later find out they didn't give you any ketchup.
  290. People who take six smoke breaks a day, and you don't smoke, but get griped at for leaving 15 minutes early.
  291. Juan Williams
  292. Time magazine praising Time-Warner product like it just fell out of God's magnificent asshole
  293. blogger outages
  294. web-based e-mail programs
  296. those ad banners that consist of a windows alert box complete with buttons and a moving mouse pointer.
  297. people in the music industry who dress like fuckwits to show their 'artistic expression'
  298. fat chicks who dress like they have my figure
  299. a picture that is actually worth less than a thousand words
  300. Croatia
  301. Old Navy Commercials
  302. folks who think Dack.com is cool...
  303. no left turn on red
  304. Stephen P. Yokich - UAW President
  305. graphic designers who don't know shit
  306. People who moan about Arial when they're using Verdana - hardly a chasm of difference
  307. The fact that Buffy never goes sunbathing - or to a sauna, or has a shower with the door open - or snogs her girlfriends...
  308. you've got mail--totally gramatically incorrect!
  309. people who drive, park or idle in the bike lane
  310. leather pants
  311. hemmorhoids
  312. Guys who wear hats very low on their foreheads (aka "Hat Guys")
  313. Design awards that reward style and ignore usability
  314. e-anything
  315. finding blatant pointless commonalities as an excuse to communicate with your fellow man, like lists of things that suck.
  316. The idea that popularity signifies quality**
  317. using the phrase "out-of-this-world" with a topic even remotely connected to space, science fiction, aliens, etc.
  318. being fooled by transvestites
  319. the fonts on dack.com
  320. the type size on dack.com
  321. the DMV
  322. parking tickets
  323. finding a house in San Francisco
  324. the IRS
  325. income tax
  326. capital gains tax
  327. Kid Rock
  328. Puff Daddy
  329. boo.com
  330. The reality of the first Elian Gonzales made for TV movie
  331. People who register their own name as a domain, like they think it's something that makes them sound important.
  332. mp3s that skip
  333. 1 hour photo developing' places that can't develop your photos within 1 hour
  334. mexican water
  335. low salt butter
  336. talking on the phone
  337. Commercial websites sending you big HTML files right to your email account taking up your storage space
  338. milky cappuccino
  339. overcooked pasta
  340. man eating animals
  341. parties with no drink**
  342. 40 oz of near beer
  343. security deposits
  344. Comic Sans
  345. Company names that use cApital leTters at ranDom
  346. stepdaddy.com
  347. fools who think they know 3D
  348. IKEA
  349. un-vested stock options
  350. FAMILY VALUES (the root of all that is evil)
  351. anything west o' the missipppi
  352. anything
  353. 800 x 600
  354. al gore
  355. people who think overweight women should just accept the idea that they aren't worthy of having a sex life
  356. cute long haired guys who get haircuts and then burst into a room smiling saying "Hey! How do you like my new hair?"
  357. people who think fat girls should roast in heavy clothes when it is 100 degrees just because some people don't like looking at uncovered arms, legs and tummies if they have fat on them
  358. guys who let adult women who have bodies like 12 year old girls get away with anything they want
  359. orange web pages
  360. clothing manufacturers which refuse to make their clothes in XXL sizes
  361. clothing manufacturers that only have thin people modeling in their ads (i.e. ALL of them)
  362. that goddamn "punch the monkey" banner ad
  363. Buffy mania
  364. "new media" - come on, this isn't "new" any more, get with it
  365. flash sites that don't do anything clever or interesting with their "loading" panel
  366. people who chew gum everywhere and do it loudly
  367. When Dack won't put my suck suggestion on his stupid suck list.
  368. death
  369. Clinton for not picking an intern who swallows
  370. Monica slobbering on the blue dress
  371. a colonoscopy
  372. not having sex for such a long time that you can't remember which one gets tied up
  373. getting pissed on by a dog at the beach
  374. getting shit on by any kind of bird (they *know* what they're doing)
  375. real live corporate bullshit generators
  376. Roseanne Barr's ego
  377. an ingrown butt hair**
  378. those little "piss on you" stickers on pickup truck windows
  379. my dog dragging her ass across the carpet after taking a dump out in the yard
  380. a mosquito bite on the weenie
  381. constipation
  382. PacMan characters speeding up when you know damn well they shouldn't
  383. the constant humming sound in my head
  384. old rock stars who go country
  385. not being able to find the condom after doing it
  386. the muffler falling off my car
  387. getting kicked in the joint
  388. friends expecting you to tell them that their kids are cute
  389. waiting for NT to (re)boot
  390. sloppily sewn men's briefs that won't hold your balls properly
  391. the asshole at the office who wipes his boogers on the wall above the urinal
  392. McDonald's pickles
  393. lighting a fart without wearing underwear
  394. improperly performed oral sex
  395. Hardwired FONT SIZE="-1". On dack.com
  396. The City Of Atlanta (nice people, bad place).
  397. clients that don't get it
  398. spiritual women
  399. the notion that education=intelligence
  400. the suck list unupdated for so long
  401. Coworkers who get *really* gassy in the afternoons.
  402. HTMLers who think they are programmers, and refer to HTML as "code"
  403. Tom Lehman's coral necklace
  404. BYO
  405. david seigel
  406. roger black
  407. my new husband's ex-wife
  408. Bay Area real estate
  409. wedding vendors
  410. flying
  411. wine tasting
  412. road biking--no, road bikers
  413. day care
  414. Jar Jar Binks
  415. Windows
  416. Tea Cafes--do they have a name?
  417. My golf game
  418. People who clip their nails at work**
  419. Interwoven. Some Perl and JavaScript valued in the billions.
  420. Conservatives who are --all of the sudden-- pro immigration in wanting Elian to stay in the USA. What ever happened to "family values"?
  421. Grown men with ponytails
  422. Anyone with a $100,000 car
  423. People born rich who think they've earned it
  424. Elian Gonzales's Miami relatives
  425. Macintosh zealouts. Hey, it's over guys!
  426. Flash designers who think HTML is dead and Flash is the future. Gimme an F'ing break!
  427. those rustling plastic trousers everyone seems to be wearing
  428. People who say "I didn't know you [had/could/didn't ] ........" when it's none of their fucking business.
  429. people who think IRC and Telnet are web browsers (see the "Flash is Evil" feedback for examples)
  430. banning snowmobiles in National Parks
  431. self-flushing public conviniences that flush while you're still sitting down
  432. NPR
  433. babies
  434. people who use the word "suck" all the time
  435. warm beers and britney spears
  436. fat girls who complain about how fat girls are treated
  437. people
  438. humans
  439. guys who don't know how to play with "the little man in the boat"
  440. a prick-teaser
  441. passing out naked on the toilet, falling into the bathtub, taking the dump there, and waking up in that in the morning
  442. lighting the wrong end of a cigarette
  443. dry heaves
  444. those little jerks with those big damn sound systems in their cars
  445. doobie that's been cut with cowshit
  446. eating a can of tuna and then finding out it's cat food
  447. ladies who profess expertise in the oral arts and then gag
  448. trimming your crotch hair for that big date and slipping with the scissor
  449. rectal itch
  450. slipping forward off the bicycle seat
  451. realizing that the cook at a restaurant has dicked with your food
  452. whoopi goldberg in an intellectual discussion
  453. getting wood at the office
  454. seeing your parents have sex
  455. finding a cigarette butt in your beer can
  456. southerners using "y'alls" as plural
  457. letting out a fart and then realizing it's the real thing
  458. realizing that the best sex you've ever had was administered by yourself
  459. getting your tongue stuck on frozen metal (if you're from MN, you've done it)
  460. poking a finger through the toilet paper
  461. my dog hocking a heaping hot mound on the living room carpet without warning
  462. F***wits who don't know the difference between "it's" and "its"
  463. F***wits who don't know that it's "definite" and not "definate"
  464. soundtrack albums which substitue lame covers for the original artist's recording
  465. how lewd the suck list has become**
  466. diesel exhaust
  467. doctors who introduce themselves as "Dr. ___."
  468. People who say "that" when they mean "who"
  469. having all your money in the nasdaq
  470. il fornaio olives
  471. anyone who actually gives a rats ass what happens to html
  472. html
  473. Jared Spool
  474. crack cocaine
  475. vhs
  476. beautiful women who are aware of exactly how beautiful they are and are aware of how plain YOU are and have no intention of ever acting like a mortal
  477. forgetting what you thought sucked by the time you read the whole damn list
  478. working at Kinko's
  479. people who think gold is orange
  480. concertgoers who dress like the band
  481. interesting flash loading panels
  482. pubes on the toilet seat
  483. whining, shouty sports-casual clad american tourists who complain endlessly to strangers about how everything's not as good as it is at home in the US and don't realise how insulting they're being
  484. Monday morning hangovers
  485. Windoze lusers who keep the fight alive by continually telling the "Mac zealots" that "it's over".
  486. People who write HTML by hand so that "all that learning didn't go to waste".
  487. when you read through the whole what sucks list and you're thing that sucks that you posted didn't get listed
  488. low-flush toilets
  489. Tom Green and his stupid ass TV show
  490. boyfriends who smoke crack
  491. most of the URL's in Business 2.0 Advertising
  492. people who post something to the suck list that's obviously directed at something youposted to the suck list last week
  493. bleeping out letters in "bad words" with those f***ing aster*sks...come ON, we still can see what the word is SUPPOSED to be, so how does bleeping out a few letters really make it less nasty?
  494. realizing that skinny-waisted chicks are nicer to look at than to actually lie on top ofs
  495. straight edgers - not content to live their own "toxin free" life, they set themselves on all the other people who drink, smoke or use chemicals they don't like
  496. when you're in a meeting and someone says "I'll talk to you about it offline" or "I'll down load you on it later".
  497. suck lists
  498. re-stocking fees
  499. onemain.com
  500. being ugly
  501. asthetically pleasing computers
  502. ginger
  503. vw jetta as the spokescar for "new media"
  504. musical cell phone ringers
  505. guns
  506. Potted Meat
  507. "Hot body sex pants"~ those tight black pants that girls where. Now fat chicks are wearing them to make themselves look skinnier than they are.
  508. girls who don't shave their vaginas~this is the 00s, not the 70s!!!
  509. girls who don't swallow. GET OVER IT!
  510. Life
  511. burrito joints that don't give you FREE chips
  512. that 6-hour old evaporated piss-paste that's all around the urinal at work because grown men don't know how to take a piss
  513. rectal thermometers
  514. Emanual Kant
  515. Redneck peeing Calvin stickers
  516. The soft nail that becomes exposed after biting too much off your fingernail
  517. Greenpeace fucks who drive around in cars bigger than my Explorer
  518. people who don't follow the leash and pick up laws
  519. online travel reservation systems
  520. boys
  521. people who chew with their mouths open
  522. Meredith Baxter-Birney TV movies
  523. Acne-ridden geeks who use the term "download" as a euphemism for sex
  524. A severe case of "Cranky Ass"
  525. Three letter acronyms
  526. when you offer someone an Altoid and they touch all of them.
  527. paris
  528. Sudddenly Susan
  529. runs in your pantyhose
  530. pap smears & mamograms
  531. Dingleberries
  532. The parts of Eyes Wide Shut not left on the Cutting Room Floor
  533. Canada
  534. people who feel compelled to use "quotation" marks to emphasize words. They should be "clubbed" like harp seals.
  535. "Think different" ads. "Think different": don't license your OS. What a bunch of stupid fucks.
  536. Arby's
  537. That super sticky seal on the CD Jewel Case**
  538. Outhouses
  539. leaving Amsterdam to come back to the U.S.
  540. Pre-Approved Credit Cards
  541. Multi-Level Marketing
  542. Anything built with nails
  543. ALL CAPS
  544. the saying "on the same page"
  545. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  546. "This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes"
  547. clients
  548. 0 items have completed successfully
  549. Start Shutdown
  550. The Simpsons dubbed in German
  551. Getting called to the blackboard when you have an erection
  552. Folk music
  553. The smell of my 2 year old son's car seat after a few months
  554. Being asked if anyone has asked you to carry any items on a plane for them
  555. tourists
  556. the term "full blown"
  557. semiotics
  558. resin hits
  559. Aging Baby-Boomers
  560. the 00's
  561. banners that look like submit buttons
  562. Burning Man stories
  563. guys named Dick
  564. Tony Robbins**
  565. Jay Leno
  566. Having to "Join" a website
  567. ad.doubleclick.net**
  568. that pixely windows startup graphic
  569. Ira Glass
  570. redirection
  571. web counters
  572. the Spanish Inquisition
  573. Census2000**
  574. 10 digit dialing
  575. trying to call tech support
  576. controlled burns
  577. Sideburns
  578. Daylight Savings Time
  579. Figure Skating
  580. Dead Heads
  581. The Celestine Prophecy
  582. Leaf Blowers
  583. Lee Jeans
  584. Texas
  585. Florida
  586. graphic designers that don't get it
  587. spelling words with a z instead of an s. ie; skillz, playaz and trakz
  588. lazy Australians who say "yous" as plural instead of saying "you" singular
  589. fluffy toilet seat covers that make the lid flop down - forcing you stand in a highly awkward position to take a leak
  590. Seattlites who don't realize they're just a bunch of F*cking hicks
  591. <html viewsource=no>
  592. people who say "aks" when clearly the word is "ask"
  593. Mormon Fight Clubs that start just months after a movie by the same name (sans Mormon).
  594. marchfirst
  595. Primus
  596. The Webbys!
  597. the guy at the next desk who sings along to the stereo... all day... every day...
  598. "internet time"
  599. accidental reply to all
  600. O Magazine
  601. Real Simple Magazine
  602. paying for parking
  603. a hard on at a funeral
  604. people who say "irregardless"
  605. cancer
  606. Bill Walton
  607. anything that is gold-plated
  608. traffic
  609. speed dating
  610. "it's not you, it's me"
  611. my boyfriend who emailed all his friends about his lack of attraction to me...right after initiating sex!!!
  612. coworkers who are all talk about 'private meetings in the conference room'
  613. chicks who use too much teeth
  614. Metallica
  615. lime anything
  616. third world internet access
  617. "i really like you but..."
  618. people who use multiple paper towels to dry their hands
  619. doubling my cable bill, just to get internet service.
  620. The RIAA
  621. The NAB
  622. people who name drop acronyms and don't know what they stand for
  623. college radio employees with dumb nicknames like "6Q"
  624. it sucks that Dack lives so far away from me
  625. it sucks that Dack likes golf since his other diversions are so much more worthwhile
  626. Deep Dish
  627. not dack
  628. input fields
  629. Netscape browsers above version 3**
  630. finding the condom where it shouldn't be after doing it
  631. Beige colored walls and floors - because you don't want to offend anyone(notice how you don't please anyone either?)
  632. corporate plutocracy
  633. NAMBLA.org
  634. overenthusiastic telephone greetings
  635. my girlfriend
  636. celebrities testifying before Congress
  637. anal rape
  638. The fact that they don't show tits on TV
  639. Anything south of the mason dixon line
  640. backstreet boys
  641. yanks that think they are ... like ... sooo clever.
  642. The Hef
  643. The misuse of the word "anyways"
  644. The misuse of the word "orientated"
  645. Any music described as "light" or "easy"
  646. Bruce Willis' smug face lip pout
  647. superglue stuck to anything else
  648. people who clean out their cars in parking lots
  649. assholes who sing part of a Mozart aria at dinner after you proclaim your love for anything Puccinianything aria
  650. nosehairs
  651. earwax
  652. having a sexual dream about a coworker you don't like
  653. lady clinton
  654. Bryant Gumble
  655. bike thieves
  656. impotence at 30
  657. Accommodating Netscape 4
  658. finding farmteens.com in your parents' browser history
  659. anything that ends in NOT
  660. people who wear PORN STAR shirts
  661. people who watch sports and pretend like they know what is going on, when actually they are completely clueless
  662. putting tons of effort into taking a shit, and only shitting out a small chunk
  663. responding to someone with exactly the wrong thing. example: when someone says, "have a safe drive home" and you say "you too". they aren't going anywhere! or worse, when a waiter says,"enjoy your meal" and you say "you too". i hate doing that.
  664. paying for internet porn
  665. people who pronounce kareoke as "karoky", and people who take it seriously
  666. pixels
  667. Carls Jr. commercials
  668. Pokemon
  669. People who say "www" all the time before their domain name.
  670. .coms who hijack .net and .org addresses and vice-versa.
  671. People who send mass emails of "heart warming" stories.
  672. People who include EVERYTHING said previously in their email reply.
  673. People who send chain emails.
  674. People who are so stupid they'll open ANY damn attachment, even VBS scripts.
  675. Modernists who wring their hands over how to classify Tiger Woods racially.
  676. Big Mouth Billy Bass
  677. Fat, greasy-haired, illiterate women (which includes most of the female population of Oklahoma.)
  678. The government trying to control the internet
  679. Politicians claiming to be web savvy
  680. New Jersey
  681. girls from New Jersey with big hair
  682. female drivers
  683. any t.v. show on the WB
  684. constant bitching by hot girls who have absolutely no reason to bitch
  685. When your marketer makes you use a slogan like "crossing the T's in Technology and dotting the com"
  686. calling a pita with ketchup and goat cheese a pizza.
  687. returning to the suck list a dozen times over the past couple of weeks and finding it still hasn't been updated
  688. Relatives who inform you they're "on" e-mail.
  689. People who say, "Wanna go with?"
  690. The way MTV controls the thoughts of everyone between the ages of 12 and 21
  691. askjeeves.com
  692. flagrant lack of a Web site dedicated to classic 70's rebellion flick, "Over The Edge"
  693. Tourists on the Metro during rush hour
  694. office space to impress clients over make it easy for employees to work
  695. Things that are packed by weight instead of volume
  696. hangovers
  697. my wife. (unfortunately, not nearly often enuff.)
  698. Slow women drivers who won't get out of the fast lane.
  699. other people
  700. crappy blowjobs
  701. Che Guevara
  702. Jappy girls
  703. Long Island
  704. psychotherapists
  705. Corporate Stuffed-shirt Arse-holes
  706. beige
  707. all those people who really are following me
  708. Stylesheets. Text is meant to be black, and who cares about perfect layout, anyway?
  709. television
  710. Universal Pictures
  711. The Florida panhandle (aka East Alabama)
  712. The fact that our country looks like a bunch of idiots because our president, the most powerful man in the world, likes to fuck ugly chicks
  713. debating the definition of sexual relations
  714. finding the perfect woman, and then finding out she bats for the wrong team
  715. needy men
  716. The Chevrolet/Geo Metro
  717. women who dress up for baseball games.
  718. That Flashing 12:00
  719. not having a plunger when it's very necessary to have one
  720. people that email you their phone # with dots instead of dashes (i.e. 555.234.1234)
  721. seeing someone picking their nose
  722. This whole Flash debate
  723. the guy who told me to get ICGE at 135 and now its down to 25
  724. the feeling that bugs are crawling all over you and only when I drink some JD does the feeling go away.
  725. shipping charges
  726. Forever having to fiddle with my Netscape defaults in order to read dack.com's miniscule type.
  727. reverse racism
  728. people who think New Jersey sucks even thought they've never been off the Turnpike
  729. people who think "shaving your vagina" has anything to do with what decade it is
  730. "art" (paintings, photographs, music, films) that try to make you feel guilty for driving your car, owning a gun, telling Polish jokes, or any other personal decision.
  731. anyone who dumps on dack.com.
  732. Shockwave
  733. Managers with no people skills
  734. Radio morning "Wake-up Crews" who aren't funny but think they're hilarious
  735. <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=http://...."> making it impossible to back up using the back button.**
  736. Women who do their makeup in the rear-view mirror while they're driving to work.
  737. Software patents
  738. People who take the last cup and don't make a fresh pot.
  739. People on the internet who type "u" instead of "you", "ur" instead of "your/you're", "4" instead of "for", "r" instead of "are", etc.
  740. People who pronounce "supposedly" as "supposably"
  741. A Coup d'Etat in the country you were about to take an expensive, really cool vacation in.
  742. People who say "per usual"
  743. pierced nipples
  744. cheating girlfriends
  745. The superfluous phrase "in terms of."
  746. polite conversation
  747. rush limbaugh may be doing monday night football
  748. The commercial for Mattress Giant (only at Mattress Giant, OOOOooohh, aaaahHHH)
  749. ms outlook
  750. unrequested popup windows on porn sites. Blechhh
  751. drivers who don't turn right on red
  752. people who are anal
  753. people who blow their nose at their desk, despite the fact that it sounds like a giant foghorn
  754. Human Resources
  755. people who say, "I'm big picture"
  756. hanging out with two friends who both know another language and keep speaking that language, which makes you think that they're talking shit about you
  757. someone's breath after drinking 2-hour old folgers coffee with non-dairy creamer
  758. shaved vaginas
  759. Baseball caps with pre-curved brims
  760. Anyone who says "e-mails" (plural with an s). You don't got the real mailbox to mail your real "mails"; why would you send "e-mails" with your computer?
  761. TLAs (three-letter acronyms)
  762. Parking meters
  763. Cars that have to slow down to 5 mph to go over a speed-bump because their ugly-ass is dragging on the ground. Especially when they're in front of you.
  764. People who think the World Wide Web is the same as the internet.
  765. People who drift straight from the onramp into the fast lane, especially when the other five lanes are completely empty.
  766. cameltoe through jeans
  767. People who think an action film sucks because "the characters are so one dimensional".
  768. Alan Greenspan
  769. women (or men for that matter) who marinate in cologne
  770. Brown nosers - Hello? Like people don't see through that shit!
  771. People who quote movies/comics/whatnot, and claim that they made it up.
  772. Emoticons
  773. People you type "LOL" in chat rooms or emails
  774. "men's magazines" like Maxim that have thirty pages of pretty boys wearing expensive ugly clothing you couldn't even afford if you were stupid enough to want to look like that
  775. Logos with swooshes in them
  776. waiting for your boss
  777. those iMac billboards on your way home from work
  778. number 2 pencils
  779. Tom Cruise
  780. Any movie named "Battlefield Earth"
  781. Using a seat cover as toilet paper
  782. Dropping your soap on a hairball
  783. When they put condoms in the most visiable section of the store
  784. people who read over your shoulder
  785. When your computer is worth less than you bought it for by the time it arrives in the mail
  786. slutty women who break your heart
  787. smog
  788. clicking on banners to find the "secret password" to download
  789. anything lemon
  790. girls that don't call back. BITCH!
  791. My roommate
  792. My roommate who farts
  793. running into a barb wire fence
  794. A/C optional
  795. Getting lost at night while drunk
  796. Girls that don't remember you because she drank to much vodka
  797. forgetting your password, THEN finding out you didn't even give yourself a clue, you just typed asdfdfsghfg
  798. forms that don't let you type dsfdghkdsfg
  799. white people that play asian people on TV
  800. a hamster that drives the ball 125 yrds. off the tee, lays 300 yards out, and waits for the group ahead to clear
  801. being part of a radio morning "Wake-up Crew" and realizing you aren't funny
  802. beige
  803. Dr. Laura
  804. Enhanced CDs inability to be played as music CD in a CD-ROM drive
  805. snow
  806. www.malepregnancy.com
  807. the fact that i think i'm being chased by goblins
  808. The Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, J. Crew, Structure, Pacific Sunware
  809. Football (soccer) hooligans who give the game a bad reputation
  810. guys who wear shorts in bars after dark
  811. Scrappy Doo
  812. web sites with lotsa typos
  813. the phrase "damn strait"
  814. people who say "acrosst"
  815. home theater envy
  816. TV stations whose sense of time is not the same as your VCR's, from which it is thus difficult to record
  817. DVDs with no commentary tracks
  818. Two periods in one month!
  819. the idea that popularity means a lack of quality
  820. my life
  821. those little plastic stickers they put on the top of CD jewel cases these days
  822. Barry
  823. whiffle ball
  824. radishes
  825. fat free cheese
  826. Proxy servers
  827. diarrhea
  828. My new cubicle
  829. "Web" designers who don't know HTML.
  830. work
  831. modems
  832. low bandwidth
  833. The Bullshit of higher learning
  834. seatbelts
  835. morons that want a safe world with no risks
  836. car insurance,and all the dork states that make haveing it mandatory
  837. asshole foreman,bosses in general
  838. backstabbing
  839. company newsletters that have all the suck dicks pictures in them
  840. stile
  841. Those stupid CD wrappers that you CD's are practically PACKAGED in
  842. the time span between Suck List updates.......geeeez!
  843. Shaq
  844. those tools who find it necessary to check their cell phones every 30 seconds to see if someone called them.
  845. Illiterates who can only forward email
  846. Falling In Public
  847. when people say Pacific but mean specific
  848. Fast Company**
  849. Celine Dion
  850. girls who call other girls 'girlfriend'
  851. when the hero in a movie is surrounded by 10 guys and they take turns for him to beat the crap out of them.
  852. Adam's apples with hair growing out of them
  853. drying your face with a towel and noticing you've got somecody else's snot all over your face
  854. People who type "prolly" in the place of "probably".
  855. Dallas Stars fans who are seemingly oblivious to the fact that the team WAS the Minnesota Northstars, but act like the team was founded by Sam Houston.
  856. Eminem
  857. Barbara Walters
  858. Using _emphasis_ or *emphasis* in e-mail
  859. vaginal warts
  860. Punch the Monkey and Win!
  861. somebody's remake of the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now"
  862. People who say biscetti instead of spaghetti
  863. "at this juncture"
  864. Tom Cruise (what's the deal with this shrimp anyway?)
  865. Old guys who can't seem to help letting out agonized grunts as they pee in the stall next to you.
  866. The Chicago Cubs (1908 and still counting)
  867. fat women
  868. Using your underwear and sock as toilet paper because you couldn't make it home in time and had to take a massive dump in a subway tunnel.
  869. r&b after 1972
  870. post Nirvana "rock"
  871. Pat Riley
  872. goonism in hockey
  873. Having to walk across town in 90 degree weather while wearing pants and a shirt that doesn't breathe, only to find out that your pictures have another day before they're done developing.
  874. "Working hard or hardly working?"
  875. Vinyl car seats in the summer when your car doesn't have AC.
  876. SWASS (SWamp ASS. That sweaty spot on your ass when it is really hot out and you have been sittind for a long time)
  877. facial moles with a huge hair(s) growing out of it
  878. tobacco/coffee breath
  879. sports that allow their current reigning MVP to be a worse foul shot shooter than most 5 year olds.
  880. people who feel compelled to sing along with every song at the concert you just paid $60 to get into--thinking you were going to listen to the band, not the singing morons in the audience.
  881. people that use arse instead of ass
  882. people who pull up to the EXACT CHANGE lane at the toll plaza, but don't have EXACT CHANGE.
  883. People who like to park their cars so they intentionally take up 2 spaces to keep them from getting dented
  884. Seeing something on the suck list and realizing somebody probably submitted it with you in mind!
  885. Seeing something on the suck list and realizing somebody probably submitted it with you in mind... then thinking about it a little more and coming to the conclusion that it was probably your wife who submitted it!
  886. Floppy Discs
  887. BMW Drivers
  888. the phrase "open the kimono"
  889. "going dot-com"
  890. People who feel the need to come to a complete stop on the onramp, before merging onto the highway
  891. people who refuse to take their fucking backpack off on the el and smack into everyone
  892. people who say "irregardless"
  893. when my mom is sick from chemo
  894. my freakin' slice
  895. Great shots on the fairway followed by miserable putting
  896. any kind of gimmick golf club
  897. soccer
  898. Canada
  899. flatmates from hell
  900. Loading a site's home page and seeing "50 items remaining" in your browser's status bar
  901. me for liking the suck list so much
  902. me for not understanding some of the suck list references
  903. Chuck Knoblauch
  904. Online banking: when will I be able to print cash on my laserjet?
  905. That post-lunch doze off
  906. MEN who don't trim their pubic hair and it gets all over your sheets and shower.
  907. people that cut their toenails at their desk (Editor's note: this can't be possible)
  908. receipt mania: you can't buy a can of soda these days without the checkout clerk handing you a receipt for the 79 cents you just spent. And they always seems annoyed when you say "no, I don't need a receipt for that."
  909. Locked doors on office building patios & balconies
  910. Aussie chicks who re-use those fluro blue Kookai shopping bags as their daily carry bag as they think it's trendy.
  911. People who drive around with their parking lights on just before dusk and transition to full power headlights as it gets darker. Just be bold and go to straight to full power lights!
  912. Tattoos and piercings on Playboy Centerfold models
  913. Retailers who advertise products as ".99(cents)" when it should be either "$0.99" or "99(cents)"
  914. Saudi Arabian jail
  915. Skunk beer
  916. poke`mon
  917. when products have labels that are impossible to remove
  918. falling off the t-bar in front of 50 other people in the queue
  919. the fact that The Extended Suck List is not database driven for easy management and more frequent updates
  920. "we understand your business processes"
  921. A weaselly Australian bloke called John Howard.
  922. Lakers Fans
  923. Ice in Scotch (or Vodka, or Wiskey, or Bourbon)
  924. DJ Boom-Bip
  925. Saudi Arabian Drivers
  926. Macromedia and Adobe's overpriced junk
  927. the UPN network for suspending the Dilbert show for a few months
  928. RealNetworks, Netscape, AOL, Sony, Nintendo, Adobe, Apple, and all the Linux companies, because they think Microsoft won't crush them
  929. Janet Reno
  930. Sailor Jack & bingo
  931. My Job
  932. bitches who try to snowball you
  933. nouns used as verbs that should only be nouns
  934. marketing drones
  935. The Bacon Brothers
  936. Any kind of superstore
  937. green-colored tees
  938. Indiana Pacer Fans
  939. TicketTool
  940. seniors with drivers licenses
  941. non-BMW drivers
  942. People who say "him and I" trying to sound correct, when they should say "him and me".
  943. "Prequel" and "Three-peat"
  944. "Irregardless"
  945. non-German cars
  946. rice rockets
  947. the word "docent"
  948. chicks with different sized tits
  949. That goddamn simon guy from www.mysimon.com. And what the hell does that site do anyways?
  950. Lars Ulrich
  951. Namezero.com
  952. Australians who voted in the Liberal Party and John Howard and then complain and protest about the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax, their primary election policy
  953. any song by Meatloaf
  954. Golf, golfers, and golf clothing
  955. Peolpe who say "I could care less" when they mean: "I couldn't care less."
  956. Guys who say they are going to call, then don't.
  957. Guys who leave you for their ex.
  958. drivers that do not use the signal when turning. I believe all cars have them.
  959. losers who wear denim button down shirts with the name of some tech conference on them to work
  960. white people clapping in rhythm
  961. "Mean people suck" "Nice people swallow" bumper stickers
  962. Power fluctuations that cause your security alarm to go off at 11pm while you and the wife are doing the NASTY causing you to jump out of bed, wrap yourself in a sheet and run around the house looking for intruders while you talk to the 911 operator on your cordless phone and then pull on some shorts to go talk to the cops who just pulled up so you can explain to them "I think it was a false alarm" and then spend the next 45 minutes getting your 7 year old back to sleep because she was scared shitless by the alarm and never getting back to the NASTY!
  963. people who wait in line at starbucks for 10 minutes and then, once it is actually their turn to order, must think about what drink they want.
  964. getting caught singing to the backstreet boys or worse...getting caught with your own cd
  965. finding an extremely cheap airline ticket and then finding out that the flight is on an Alaskan Airlines MD-80
  966. last call**
  967. People who send HTML e-mail
  968. Jane Fonda......still
  969. britney spears
  970. so-called friends who (1) send me stupid jokes or (obvious urban myth) stories and (2) They don't BCC: me so everyone on their stupid list gets my email address, and I have to wade through the names of 100 of their closest friends, most of whom are morons, and why am I on the moron list?
  971. any book by james patterson
  972. people who consider themselves "readers" because they like Stephen King or Sidney Sheldon
  973. bill walton
  974. radio stations that play any song from Dark Side of the Moon before 8pm and after 6am
  975. Microsoft Word 2000 "Save as HTML"
  976. people who give their HTML pages a .html extension instead of a .htm one
  977. www.websitesthatsuck.com - The pot calling the kettle black * 1000
  978. Linux/Unix Fanatics
  979. Perl
  980. When other assholes in the office take the last Mountain Dew in the fridge and don't put more back in.
  981. "Developers" who use FrontPage
  982. catching a glimpse of a twelve-pack of labatt's blue under your ceo's desk
  983. the woman who marries your best friend who starts to have kids and decides that everyone else should be married with kids just because her lazy ass is now fat and all she wants to do is sit around that backyard and tell everyone how hard she works
  984. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson
  985. people who hate Mexico
  986. pcOrder.com - or any Trilogy spin-off
  987. Tom Green + Drew Barrymore (and individually)
  988. people who still say SHAG with a wink
  989. LOL
  990. "Gen Y"
  991. "FWD: Please pass this on!!"
  992. dot-com mission statements
  993. people who preface their next sentence with "i don't mean to gross you out but..." and then tell you some grody sexual problem they're having with their boyfriend
  994. naive highschoolers
  995. Time zones: where I'm from, it's 5.30 and I could go home from work now; where I'm at now, it's not even lunchtime and I've got hours of hangover to see out before I can even think about sleeping
  996. tv stations that refer viewers to web sits by giving them the station's URL - "visit amazon.com by going to our web site, www.tvstation.com"
  997. companies with hard-to-spell names or weird acronyms who advertize on the radio but don't spell out their URL. - e.g. www.tiaa-cref.org, but pronouncing it as a word rather than spelling it out (www.tiakref.org)
  998. summerfest turning my usual two dollar a day parking lot into ten dollars a day
  999. graphic artists who think they're interface designers
  1000. Liberals
  1001. Dack's music selection
  1002. That guy in the "Think Different" campaign that you have never fucking heard of
  1003. people who say "Fortay" because it's spelled "forte" but should really be pronounced fort.
  1004. Other people
  1005. dumb yanks criticizing brits. we're fabulous. and we used to own you. or something.
  1006. Insomnia
  1007. Having huge mosquito-like creatures swarm around your computer at night.
  1008. People who can't spell "grammar."
  1009. Skinny blonde cloned Playboy centerfolds with store-bought hooters
  1010. white kids in gangsta pants
  1011. stingy guys
  1012. fatsos who take up two+ seats on the subway
  1013. those pathetic dweebs who write for TimeOut NY magazine
  1014. Those arses who have 50-odd RE:s every time they reply to a message.
  1015. work
  1016. geeks
  1017. losers
  1018. everybody
  1019. my cats
  1020. your first date
  1021. soccer
  1022. people who write e-mails that have no caps or punctuation
  1023. the guy who has a crush on you that lasts for YEARS
  1024. when your golf swing goes to hell and you can't figure out why**
  1025. alphabetical lists of countries with United States of America at the top
  1026. hot fruit
  1027. "This page intentionally left blank." As if I look at a blank page and think, "Hey, where's the stuff that's supposed to be on this page?"
  1028. hicks
  1029. my life
  1030. not having money
  1032. That bucktoothed Pepsi girl. In fact, the entire stupid Pepsi campaign.
  1033. Homophobes
  1034. Bigots
  1035. Realizing that you're becoming a stereotype.
  1036. The banner ad with those damn bouncing credit cards
  1037. bullshit fad diets that contradict each other and make you gain weight anyway
  1038. ugly guys who think they deserve conventionally hot women on the basis of having lots of money
  1039. "send this to everyone you know!"
  1040. javascripts that mess with the window widget so you can't close it
  1041. Hangovers
  1042. people who end sentences with prepositions
  1043. mc hammer
  1044. people who abbreviate everything
  1045. corny shits
  1046. peanuty shits
  1047. green shits
  1048. ever-wipe shits
  1049. untrimmed bushes
  1050. chicks with hairy nipples
  1051. Those little born-again jesus fish
  1052. people who think whassup!!! is still clever
  1053. People who bitch about other's font selection
  1054. When your supervisor is a scummy psycho B _ _ _ _ !!!
  1055. verilogix
  1056. latina chicks that shave their eyebrows off and draw them back on
  1057. Flashcom DSL
  1058. lime green clothing
  1059. people who crunch ice
  1060. the PowerBar commercial featured on ESPN2
  1061. the movie Mission Impossible 2, for using a tired, old plot (killer virus -- how original!)
  1062. 3 putting!
  1063. Not knowing what the sucklist is ordered by.
  1064. Frank Thomas's shafting from the All Star game
  1065. Wassssup!
  1066. having to purchase hemmorhoid medicine off a hot chick behind the register**
  1067. trucks
  1068. bumper stickers that say "My child is an honor student at ChildofBrayingAss Elementary"
  1069. Trekkies who bash Dack and his hatred of Flash."
  1070. Conservatives
  1071. Idiots who push the Project Management Institute like it's Oxford or something
  1072. ex-wives who are teachers and think they deserve to be paid for providing day care for their own kids
  1073. Banners that make you glad you're not an epileptic.
  1074. Barbra Streisand**
  1075. seeing the same thing multiple times on the suck list
  1076. script kiddies
  1077. people who use "chatspeak" in real conversation.. e.g. pronouncing "j/k" as "jay-kay".
  1078. buzzwords
  1079. Signs that say "Restroom for customers only" and minimum wage assholes who live by this credo.
  1080. Starbuck's sudden crackdown on strangers using their restrooms and bolting out the door without buying anything. (What else is Starbuck's for?)
  1081. Minimum wage numbskulls who actually take the time to go by the book when they know that they're paid beans.
  1082. Lack of clean underwear, which means an immediate trip to the laundromat.
  1083. People afraid of wearing boxer shorts.
  1084. George Carlin selling out.
  1085. The amazing amount of newspaper space devoted to George Dubya Bush.
  1086. The lack of newspaper space devoted to Ralph Nader.
  1087. Harry Knowles.
  1088. Ebert's sycophantic new partner, Richard Roeper, a third-rate Jeffrey Lyons
  1089. Laws that outlaw oral sex and sodomy
  1090. Joel Schumacher
  1091. Brian De Palma
  1092. Hugh Hudson
  1093. People who give money to Joel Schumacher, Brian De Palma and Hugh Hudson to make films
  1094. Boring Yanni specials and similar music programs that are inexplicably popular on PBS
  1095. Kenny G
  1096. Vanilla Ice's attempts at a comeback
  1097. Cliff's Notes
  1098. Jay Leno
  1099. People who actually take Teletubbies seriously enough to declare Tinky Winky gay
  1100. Those generic matchboxes at 7-11 made with cheap sulfur, resulting in a flame that dies instantaneously after striking

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